Greetings from National Medical Forum!

National Medical Forum is an NGO that has been working in the society for the last 15 years with the motive of improving health of the nation. We focus on promoting inclusive healthcare, helping all members of the society get equal opportunities in accessing healthcare.

As you may be aware hypertension is a major health issue which has been declared as number one killer in the world by WHO. The risk of myocardial infarction is two times higher & risk of stroke in is four times greater in patients of hypertension. In order to draw attention of all stake holders to save lives every year 17th May is marked as “World Hypertension Day“.

As a City Coordinator we request you to kindly enroll minimum five individuals / institutions of your city in this program. The duration of research program shall be one month commencing from or after 17 th May 2017 & shall continue till the month of October. Clinics and Medical institutions are free to choose dates suitable to them but the duration of research project shall be 30 days only.

We shall be issuing you a certificate certifying you as the “City Coordinator” for the National Hypertension Screening Research Program being organized by National Medical Forum.

During research program blood pressure of general population, normal walk-in individuals shall be recorded in given format. In case the first reading of the blood pressure of the subject is higher, a second reading must be recorded after 10 minutes of rest.

Kindly ensure that the individuals / Institutions of your city enrolled in the programme under your supervision send duly completed proforma in Annexure- A to the undersigned after culmination of the program. You are free to call us anytime if you have any query which needs to be addressed. We wish you all the best for successful completion of the program.

Thanking you once again

With Warm regards,

Dr. K. K. Kohli


Principal Investigator,

National Hypertension Screening Research Program

Mr. Varun Suri


Chief Coordinator

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