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FORDA Delhi Resident Doctors’s Strike

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Meghna A Singhania Staff asked 2 years ago

                                           ” SAVE DOCTORS, HELP HUMANITY”

FORDA Delhi has brought into notice of government lot of deficiencies in meeting held in Feb/March 2015. However, the demands were still no fulfilled even with the passage of three months, which forced FORDA to organise a city-wide strike on 22nd-23rd June. The government promised again to meet the demands of doctors within a specified time frame some of which are as follows.
1) Enhanced security for doctors on duty and paramedical staff
2) Provision of safe drinking water for patients and doctors.
3) Implementation of optimum patient to bed ratio. One Patient one attendant policy to be followed.
4) Provision of generic drugs at the hospitals. List of essential life saving drugs and surgical consumables to be made open to all doctors. OTs number to be increased
5) All vacant posts of teaching staff/specialists must be filled at the earliest on regular basis
6) All group D staff/OT technicians vacant posts in all hospitals should be filled.
7) Doctors Duty Room ( DDR ) must be renovated. All OPDs should be installed with A/Cs
8) Inadequate hostel rooms for residents. Equip available hostels with basic minimum hostel facilities.
9) Resident doctors working more than 48 hours a week should be PAID EXTRA. Directives should be given to all HOD’s for ensuring that residents are given POST DUTY OFFs to doctors after performing night duties.
11) Implementation of NEW REVISED RESIDENCY SCHEME decided in LHMC IN MARCH 2015 ( like academic leaves for 10 days, two conference fees payment and TA/DA payment per year by govt, residents under TA?DA payment per year by the govt, residents under CGHS, double book and thesis allowances, amendment in residency age and extension criteria)

Anyone reading above demands would find that these demands are very basic and necessary to maintain the dignity of the Medical Profession.