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Medico-Legal Tip of the day-23rd  Oct 2015

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asked 1 year ago

Query- I Dr Hitinder Kaur is a Radiologist posted in Civil Hospital Ludhiana Punjab.
In reply to a query regarding MLC X Ray reporting by a doctor  from Civil Hospital Rajpura you have replied that MLC X ray reporting can be done only by a Radiologist if he is posted in that hospital…and you have also referred to a Supreme Court Ruling regarding this.
Sir I want to clarify that due to acute shortage of Radiologists in Govt.Service in Punjab….I have to do so much of work as I m The only Radiologist in my 250 bedded hospital doing  ante natal and other ultrasounds , ossification tests of rape cases,juvenile offenders, children under labour Act and hordes of other age determinations based on ossification tests .., medico legal X rays referred from all over the district
As a result I m going to courts for court evidences almost every alternate day sometimes in 2 or 3 cases at one go
Because of this my pregnant ultrasound patients have to suffer a lot…sometimes wait for months before getting an appointment for ultrasound
I had requested my SMO that he should ask the specialists or the EMO s conducting the MLR s to report the XRays and in doubtful cases only take my opinion
Now when I m in court which is half the time of my working hours or I m on leave….who will conduct and report the XRays?
As ideally Medico legal XRays are to be done in the presence of the reporting doctor who will conduct the Xrays  at that time as I m in the court?  Most of the injuries are serious and require immediate intervention after conducting the XRays..So what should be done?
Also if in public interest I m doing Ultrasound of pregnant poor females as it is done free in the hospital under the janani suraksha yogna and an orthopaedician is conducting and reporting MLC Xrays why it can not be justified in Court?
Sir kindly give your opinion regarding the above as it is a problem of Govt Radiologists all over Punjab as only 17 Radiologists are there against 80 posts of Radiologists….and all of us are extremely overworked and over stressed
In the interest of poor deprived patients why cannot MBBS or MS General Surgery or MS Orthopaedics report MLC Xrays ?
And kindly tell in what context was the Supreme Court ruling that you have referred to….
Thanking you and waiting for your early reply Sir…
                                             Dr Hitinder Kaur
                                             Civil Hospital
I am also forwarding to you the e- mail from you  that has been posted in our hospital group which the other specialists are using as an excuse to refuse reporting Medico legal Xrays..
Answer- I share your concern for work selflessly and tirelessly. But you are doing opposite what you should do. Please be aware that health services are not being governed as per your wish. Badal govt is in command and it is their duty to provide health care. If they have appointed only 17 radiologists instead of 80, they have failed , not you. You cannot ask others to share your work if you are overburden. The only answer is that you do your duty whatever you can. Do not overstress yourself. Refuse extra work. Pl remember that  you are doing govt job. If you do one mistake, nobody will appreciate what extra you have done, they will set up an enquiry or may suspend you. Your whole career will be spoiled.
I share your concern for extra work. Form an association of govt Radiologists in Punjab and petition the govt for more recruits, file a PIL in court, inform media, use RTI , inform patient and ask them to write to CM. This is legally allowed.
Please remember that in govt service , you have to follow rules and avoid activism. I know so many govt servants who did activism for society and finally landed in jails, faced suspension, lost seniority and denied promotion. If you are keen to do activism , resign from govt job and do whatever you can.
PS – I have done 32 years of govt job and took VRS and now doing whatever I want. This is practical advice I am giving on my personal experiences. 

With warm regards,
Prof ( Dr ) R K Sharma
Medico-Legal Consultant
President, Indian Association of Medico-Legal Experts , New Delhi
Former Head, Department of Forensic Medicine, All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
Director , Supreme Medico-legal Protection Services Pvt Ltd
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