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MUSoc 2015

Meghna A Singhania Staff asked 2 years ago

Key to Musculoskeletal ultrasound – an Exciting opportunity to expand your horizons.
From the desk of the Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar ,organizing . Secretary, MUSoc
Muskuloskeletal Ultrasound Society, New Delhi,  India

As you know we are hosting an International event  “MUSoc 2015’ dedicated to Musculoskeletal ultrasound training and teaching protocols from 8-11th Oct 2015 at VIVANTA by taj, Dwarka, New Delhi, India. This  is 25th Annual meeting of MUSoc , USA , an International Society from Detroit Medical centre with twenty  world authorites like Tony Bouffard, Marnix vanholsbeeck, Carlo Martinolli,  Dr. Harcke, Doohi lee, etc Not only do I humbly invite you to join us at this academic fiesta 
What started out as “ what ultrasound cannot do” today  has changed to “what ultrasound CAN do” in the evaluation of bones and joints, the grey areas fast disappearing and when combined with radiographs of the region of interest in multiple views, the Specificity and sensitivity of ultrasound rises to over 97 %.
Established  group of  Radiologists and Orthopedicians definitely have been at a disadvantage of having  not been exposed to the fascinating attributes of this modality. The technology now is making its presence felt by the virtue of increased global connectivity and sporadic specialists who found it to be a phenomenal resource. It is now for all the young budding Radiologists / clinicians to jump on this band wagon because tomorrow may be just too late. Current Orthopedicians and clinicians are unable to place faith in this modality because  the results delivered by routine sonologists in the absence of awareness or any constructive training are too dismal to be relied upon.  The unfamiliar ultrasound  images make them feel like stepping into an alien world  and makes it difficult for them to comprehend results on their own to make their own judgement. It is upto the younger generation of  budding Orthopedicians as well as Radiologists to make an effort to familiarize themselves with this upcoming modality . It has to be a scalable , structured participation of all Specialists involved such as Orthopedicians, Rheumatologists, radiologists, Pain management consultants, Sports medicine and rehabilitative consultants to  grab every opportunity to enhance their familiarity with this latest fantastic  technological innovation…. making it more competitive and reliable   by practicing and learning which ever  way it comes

Last decade saw Foetal Medicine and Ultrasound join hands and take Radiologists’ to unprecedented  heights of job satisfaction in terms of quality management in foetus  related morbidity.

2015 is ushering in the  “NEW KID ON THE BLOCK”….
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound .
It was  Neil Armstrong who took  that first small step  which became a Giant leap for the Mankind.
Our Objective as organizers MUSoc 2015   envisions a similar spirit.  We took that  small step , by  inviting the Twenty strong world Masters in the field  of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound  to New Delhi  for the highest quality of teaching and learning to further enable  the  Radiologists to take that Giant leap and create a new dimension in the management of disease of bones and joints.
MUSoc 2015  is a very dedicated Orientation and teaching programme in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound that is being brought to New Delhi from 8-11th Oct, 2015 on popular demand . It is not only the Radiologists who stand to benefit from it   but also Orthopedicians, Rheumatologist, Pain management physicians as also  sports medicine consultants .
This four day conference with  hands on workshop will bring each stake holder ie, the referring consultant and sonologist closer to the indications, applications of Musculoskeletal ultrasound in orthopedic practice  and also learn the  techniques of performing it by twenty renowned International Faculty.

With this letter I request you to kindly to formalize this support   in establishing this modality firmly into  Medical Practice .
Details of this mega event are there on

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MUSoc 2015
Dr.Nidhi Bhatnagar
Organizing secretary, MUSoc 2015
+91 9810884378

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Meghna A Singhania Staff answered 1 year ago

Great Event organised by Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar. Kudos!