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Should there be a national exit exam for Doctors after MBBS?
526 comment(s) on Should there be a national exit exam for Doctors after MBBS?

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  1. Why a test for doctors who passed their tests after required study and properly tested by eminent examiners. If they want conduct examination for doctors the same should be applied to all professionals

  2. Exit exam and revalidateion for students and all post qualified Doctors every 5 years is rule all over western countries. All doctors are suppose to be ready for any eventuality in their profession. So why worry for exam. Those migrate to US do all these tests to keep their registration . Why not here?

  3. Medical training has become a mockery . It needs surgical strike like exit exams

  4. user
    Tarun Kumar mittal January 20, 2017, 8:02 am

    Already the young student is not taking the medical profession as he is too. Burdened with a long exhaustive tenure of medical education then all the Nitty gritty of doing a pg course , now you intend to again add another exam on his head after passing out all the Proffesional examinations .
    This is absolutely wrong and Un called for

  5. user
    Dr. Chandray MBBS January 19, 2017, 8:54 pm

    Instead of talking on cracking the fake doctors you are discussing on policing the licenced MBBS doctors. Instead of asking the medical college management to give a quality education for the exorbitant fees they collect, you are discussing on putting the bane of proving oneself good on the doctor who has already passed MBBS. Stop this irony.