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AIIMS Rishikesh charges whooping Rs 15,000 as PG exam fee, Doctors see RED

AIIMS Rishikesh charges whooping Rs 15,000 as PG exam fee, Doctors see RED

Rishikesh: Opposing against the irregularities in fees charged for PG medical final examination at the Rishikesh branch, the Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi has written to the Union Health Ministry.

In the letter, the RDA informed the ministry that the exit fee charged for the same examination at AIIMS, New Delhi is Rs 300, the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGI), Chandigarh, charges Rs 1.100, while AIIMS Rishikesh charges a whooping Rs 15,000 per exam which totals to Rs 60,000.

The concerned circular issued by the AIIMS Rishikesh authorities is attached below:

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The AIIMS RDA President, Dr Amarinder Singh Malhi mentioned in the letter, “We believe that appearing for final exams after fulfilment of all due requirements is the basic right of a resident and charging such exorbitant money for an exam is forceful and organised loot. We also want to highlight the fact that when you compare this fee with AIIMS Delhi, it is beyond logical reasoning,” quotes the Hindu.

“AIIMS RDA, New Delhi strongly condemns and opposes this inhuman and unviable exam fee structure,” the letter added.

The hospital has first sent out a circular that pegged the examination fee at Rs 30,000, but it was later amended to Rs 15,000, reports the DNA.

Former President of AIIMS Resident Doctors’ Association, Dr Vijay Gurjar told the DNA, “I really do not know on what basis AIIMS Rishikesh is extorting money in the name of examination fees. I cannot find any government medical college which is taking more than Rs.1,500 as examination fees. So there should be some rules and regulations from the Central institute body regarding the fees. Health Minister should intervene in this ongoing dictatorship, otherwise, there will be a bad competition between the peripheral AIIMS to increase the fees.”

The letter further condemned that the AIIMS Rishikesh did not allow the formation of Resident Doctors’ Association due to which the resident doctors lack a platform to raise their voice against the administration.

“RDA is not allowed in AIIMS Rishikesh, which is highly unfair as residents have no proper channel for voicing their grievances against excesses of the administration. Such a decision by the AIIMS Rishikesh administration is hurting the credibility of AIIMS,” the letter stated.

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  1. Aiims RIShikesh is in the news for all the wrong reasons
    It certainly seems to me that the powers that that be using their autocratic powers to brow beat residents
    Junior residents pay is for the inhuman hours of work that they put and to link it to exam fee is mean
    Unfortunately every generation of teachers in this country don\’t learn from their experience as students to be better teachers and human beings but become worse and sometimes are nothing but bullies
    Sad state of affairs

  2. With armaments as Soft Skills of Mr Prakash Rawat, not even single student can pass any western exams. Kudos for vulgar, unparliamentary and street language Mr Prakash Rawat. Dignified faculty will never stoop so low to engage in unparliamentary language.
    No wonder era of Cambridge- Oxford debates is almost unheard in this part of country,

  3. Congratulations of side tracking the actual conversation, perhaps the reason Cambridge Oxford debates are unheard of in our country, is that students here are too busy trying to survive the avademics rather than thrive in them.
    Fancy words don\’t make you a better, aim of education is not to condemn the society but to help raise it. What you said just proves that corrupt education system leads to corrupt professionals.
    Please let doctors be doctors for humaity, don\’t push them to become greedy money hoarders.
    But anyways this is gonna end up hurting your ego rather than jolting your conscience,
    All of this being said, anyone of you HIGHLY EDUCATED INDVIUALS have an actual reason behind such high exam fee. I mean the rest of institutes and dare I say Respected institutes are more than fine with 1500rs exam fee, what makes this institute demand a whoopinh 15000?.
    and respected sir, please enlighten our lowly minds, please.

  4. user
    Prakash Rawat May 8, 2019, 6:52 pm

    Not surprising. Prof. Bina Ravi is the wife of the corrupt diactator that is the current Director, Prof. Ravi Kant. Who is Prof. Manoj Gupta? He is a crooked handyman of the dictator. The dictator runs the Institute as if it were his own private medical college. The dictator (Prof. Ravi Kant) committed multicrore scams while he was in KGMU, Lucknow. He had to flee KGMU because of the RDA. In AIIMS, Rishikesh, the dictator and his coterie has the support of JP Nadda, Union Health Minister. They have been looting the Institute big time and with impunity because of their proximity with the political party in power (at the Center and in the State).
    They have made life a hell out of the lives the faculties, Residents and staffs. The dictator\’s coterie of criminals have been running a reign of terror in the Institute.
    If we have to forget Prof. Bina Ravi is the wife of the brutal dictator that Prof. Ravi Kant is, how can we explain the logic of her explanation? Mukesh Ambani is earning in crores per day. Does it mean that he has to buy petrol @1 crore rupees per litre? What the Residents are getting are their salaries that they deserve. The Residents who are doing PG and Post-PG degrees came through common entrance exams conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi for which there was a common prospectus that laid out the financial and other implications of a particular doctor deciding to write the entrance examination and join the course at any one of the AIIMSs. Hence, the dictator and his coterie cannot do things at their whims and fancies. The problem is that people are aware of how brutal these criminals with dark and dangerous past are. Hence, people are afraid of raising their voices. Meanwhile, a female Resident has accused Prof. Ravi Kant of sexual harassment. The political party at power is trying to silence the Resident through threats and arm-twisting techniques.

    Prof. Ravi Kant and Prof. Bina Ravi (and their coterie) should know that they will have to pay the price sooner or later. Your downfall has just started.

  5. One of those who were kicked out because of fraudulent entries through back door .

  6. Your comments are nothing but malicious and full of unfounded charges like the congress and one day you will also run to the court and say sorry , you have a motivation and that is malignant .

  7. user
    Prof Manoj Gupta May 8, 2019, 6:16 pm

    One sided journalism is yellow journalism. Balanced views are sine qua non.

  8. Entire exam is Rs 6000 for UG & Rs 15000 for PG. In PG exam, there are 800 Clinical Vignettes in final exam , apart from 50-100 Clinical Vignettes in every month exam. In addition, exam will include Long Case, Shortcases, 25 or more OSCE including simulation, Simulated actors & real scenarios. External Examiner flying from all corners are must. The fee reflects three year long continuous examinations process.

    Residents are paid CTC Almost Rs 36 Lakhs in three years. Fee is only Rs 15000.
    World class exam process include Clinical Vignettes, Peer review with references, cross check. A very robust process based on Six Domains of Curriculum.

    So exam fee is less than Rs 400 per year as compared to salary of CTC Rs1 lakh per year.

  9. Arre behen ji saare aiims baki saare pgi sb kra the tum anokhe ho Kya… Government institute hai private thodi….abhi tum chutiye login ne hospital k rates bhi aise kre the akhir m Kam kre na…loot the ho tanashahi krrhe ho accept bhi krlo

  10. You are nothing but a political arm of some crook , so just shut up and let the professionals handle it .

  11. and who the hell r u ? seems u belong to IT cell of aiims. dictator is charging 3000 rs for a C grade job as an exam fee and then giving back door entry to his beloved ones. political support is there .Anita mam(mayor, rishikesh) has already showed mirror to aiims director.