Name of Product : Azovas 8 mg/16 mg
Marketed by : J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Medicine composition: Azelnidipine.
Prescription vs.OTC: Prescription by Doctor required
Dosage Form: Tablets

About Azovas (Azelnidipine)

Azovas ( Azelnidipine) is a third-generation calcium channel blocker and is used in the treatment of Hypertension. Azovas is marketed by J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and comes in two doses namely Azovas 8 mg and Azovas 16 mg.

Azelnidipine is a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker and is known to be less susceptible to hepatic first-pass effect and its antihypertensive effect is slow sustained. This drug expresses hypotensive action by L-type and T-type Ca+ channel antagonism and blood vessels dilation.

Studies have shown it to besides its slow and sustained hypotensive action, it had little effect on the heart rate compared to similar drugs and was more renal friendly. ( See Product Leaflet).

Offers potent & sustained BP control for 24 Hrs . . .

Increase in heart rate leads to Increase in CVD mortality risk . . .

Aldosterone adversely affects the risk of cardiovascular events1 . . .



Prevents Aldosterone Escape 2

No data available for Aldosterone Escape

Safe to be used in Hypertensive patients With Diastolic Dysfunction. . .

Improves Ejection Fraction by 14%1
Increases e Velocity 2
Decreases BNP Levels2
Decreases E/e Ratio2

In Primary/Essential Hypertension

Potent & Sustained 24 Hr BP Control1
Decreases Heart Rate by 2 Beats/min, unlike Amlodipine 2
Prevents Aldosterone Escape 3
Decreases Plasma Aldosterone Concentration3

All ARB + CCB combinations are not the same . . .

Choose the right CCB in ARB + CCB combination. . . .

Parameters Azelnidipine Amlodipine
BP Control Similar Similar
Proteinuria Reduction Decreases Increases
CBP & LVMI Reduction Better than Amlodipine Yes
Heart Rate Decrease Increases
Aldosterone Escape Prevention Yes Not adequate

In Diabetic Hypertensive /Uncontrolled Hypertension.


Potent & sustained 24 Hr BP control
Greater CVB & LVMI reduction compared to other counterparts
Better Aldosterone Escape Prevention
Decreases Heart Rate for better CARDIO protection
Decreases proteinuria for better NEPHRO protection

Indications of Azovas 8mg/16mg

  • Essential hypertension

  • Stage I Hypertension

  • Stage II Hypertension

Dose and Method of Administration

Usually, Azelnidipine 8 ~ 16 mg in adults administered orally once after breakfast daily. It is to be noted that start the administration with a low dose or even with a single 8 mg tablet, dose should be adjusted according to the symptoms, up to 16 mg per day

Warning and Precautions

  • Careful administration (It should be administered with caution in the following patients.)
    • Patients with serious liver and kidney dysfunction. The drug is metabolized in the liver
    • Also in patients with severe renal dysfunction in general, there is a possibility that the renal function is reduced
    • Elderly (See section “Use in Special Population” in Product Leaflet for details)
  • Important Precautions
    • When administration of calcium antagonists stopped abruptly, it have been reported that patients develop symptoms, which reduced gradually when with washout of the drug, it should be carefully monitored. Also, be careful not to stop the medication without a physician’s supervision to the patient.
    • Because with the administration of this drug there is a risk of excessive decrease of pressure in rare cases, make appropriate measures such as dose reduction or withdrawal from medication in such cases.
    • Because it may cause dizziness based on the hypotensive effects, take precautions when working with dangerous operation of aerial work, automotive and machinery.
    • Myocardial infarction, arrhythmia and heart failure (atrial fibrillation, etc.) have been reported during treatment with this drug, though causal relationship is not clear.
    • It has been reported that dialysis effluent of CAPD (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis) patients becomes clouded, it is important to note the differential diagnosis from peritonitis, etc.

Drug Interactions

Download the Product Leaflet, to see the detailed drug interactions.

Undesirable Side effects/ Overdose

Download the Product Leaflet, to see the the detailed information on the Undesirable Side effects/ Overdose.

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