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STATdx® gives you online access to expert-based decision support,so you can increase speed, accuracy and confidence in diagnosing complex imaging cases.

You can count on STATdx®

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Rely on the Experts

STATdx, written by renowned radiologists in each specialty,
provides comprehensive decision support you can rely on, including:

  • Over 4,300 common and complex diagnoses
  • 200,000 expert-selected and annotated image examples
  • More than 1,300 differential diagnosis modules
  • Comprehensive normal imaging anatomy
  • 20,000 easily-sortable patient cases
  • Basic and advanced procedures

Confidence in Your Diagnosis

Get the tools to help you make a confident diagnosis:

  • Use STATdx expert differential lists to determine what other diseases you should consider
  • Compare multiple diagnoses side by side
  • Investigate patient case examples for even the most uncommon diseases
  • Follow up on the latest journal articles with RADSearch

Answers Right When You Need Them

The powerful, Google-like search and a concise, bulleted format make it easy for you to find essential information the moment you need it. You can also mark favorites to share with colleagues, track your history, and decide how you would like to view the content to best fit your needs.

Double-Check with Extensive Image and Case Examples

Every diagnosis you consider is backed with a wealth of highly-annotated image examples and patient cases, making it easy for you to compare your findings with similar cases. Find examples for even the most rare and complex diagnoses. STATdx includes over 200,000 highly-annotated example images and 20,000 patient cases.

Comprehensive, Dependable Resource

STATdx includes over 4,300 diagnoses and 200,000 expert-selected images to give residents quick answers from some of the world’s most experienced radiologists:
Comprehensive Topics cover all radiology specialties and include key information such as differential lists, patient cases, image galleries, and normal imaging anatomy
Expert-Written: Rely on expert-written diagnosis topics and annotated images.
Google-Like Search Get the ease of a Google-like search along with expert-written content you can trust.
Browse Diagnoses within Context: The anatomic hierarchy guides you through categories of diseases within each anatomic region.
Compare Diagnoses Side-by-Side Once you determine which differentials to consider,use the Compare feature to compare multiple diagnoses, side-by-side.
RADsearch RADsearch lets you search alternate information online from the same search field including PubMed, Key Radiology Journals, Google, Google Scholar, Google Images, and PDF Search. The full text is available in open access journals or through your journal subscription
Efficiency Features Save favorites, track your history, and compare diagnoses side-by-side.