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Effective communication – eternal soul of selling process!

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What is communication and what is effective communication?

Communication is a process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts through speech, signals, writing, behaviour. Effective communication is the communication which produces intended or desired result Types of communication based on communication channels are

b) Verbal: In this message transmitted as

  • • Oral: face to face conversation, video, telephone, speech
  • • Written: Posters, pamphlets, email, letter
  • Nonverbal communication is sending or receiving wordless message through
  • • Gestures
  • • Body language
  • • Postures
  • • Facial expressions

c)Best practices of effective communication include https://www.slideshare.net/ei_skola/effective-communication-71902057
  • • Completeness
  • • Conciseness
  • • Consideration
  • • Clarity
  • • Concreteness
  • • Courtesy
  • • Correctness

d)Body language must be
  • • Confident
  • • Have smile on face
  • • Don’t be in hurry
  • • Be humble
  • • Maintain eye contact
e)Dressing sense for salespeople
  • • Dress Neat combination of Dark and Light colour
  • • Be simple and do not use YO style
  • • Maintain clean nails, hair, teeth, odour

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