VIbact DS: A Synergistic Combination Of Prebiotic With Probiotics

6/10 Patients with COVID-19 present with digestive symptoms


Vibact DS is a synergistic combination of Prebiotic with Probiotics improves the survival of the bacteria crossing the upper part of GIT and enhances their effect in the large bowel. It is indicated in a range of conditions including Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea, Urinary Tract Infection, as well as many Vaginal Infections including Bacterial Vaginosis, Vaginal Candidiasis, Pruritis, Vaginal Odor, White discharge. Recent studies have also pointed to its effectiveness as adjuvant therapy in the treatment of Hypertension and Diabetes.

Recently studies have also shown that Probiotic consumption improves inflammation by regulating immune responses in the gut through various signalling pathways and helps in influencing gut dysbiosis caused by SARSCoV2, thus hastening recovery in patients in COVID-19 patients.(1)

Combination of multistrain probiotic



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Genetically Modified.

Bacillus Mesentericus (GMBM)

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Gut dysbiosis is common in COVID-19


Probiotics has Prophylactic and Supportive therapeutic role in the management of COVID-19

Prophylactic Role of Probiotics.

  • Helps to preserve intestinal balance and reduces dysbiosis.
  • Improves gut & lung immunity by gut-lung axis.
  • Reduces the incidences of acute respiratory infections in elderly population

Supportive Therapeutic Role of Probiotics

  • Helps to prevent secondary bacterial infections.
  • Helps to reduce inflammatory responses

More Indication



Studies reveal that probiotics are a potential for the dietary treatment of hypertension.Systemic review and meta-analysis involving 2037 participants showed that Probiotic consumption significantly changed systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP).



Clinical Trials show that Probiotics have been found to lower fasting blood glucose, insulin levels, and improve glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) and insulin resistance.



Probiotics are recommeded as a first step in regulating the urinary microbiota and hence help in dealing with Urinary Tract Infections. Probiotics are also recommended as a tool for prevention of Recurrent UTIs.


VAGINAL Infections

Studies show Probiotic Usage leads to 81 % reduction in Vaginal Infections *. Probiotics are recommended in in various conditions including Bacterial Vaginosis, Vaginal Candidiasis, Pruritis, Vaginal Odor, White discharge.


Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea

Probiotics help in the maintenance of a balanced microbiota, Creation of a favorable gut environment and provide support to the health of the digestive tract and the immune system.


Respiratory Tract Infections

Probtiocs are effective in modulation of gut microbial patterns and hence have an effect in containing respiratory tract infections ( URTI) by modulating the gut-lung microtbiota axis.