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Should there be a national exit exam for Doctors after MBBS?
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  2. Final Proff exam should be transformed into Exit Exam as final proff covers all clinical subjects, Govt should give this authority either to NBE or CBSE to arrange exam nationwide at same day,same time,same paper in smae pattern by this it will bring standardisation without imposing another extra exam over Medical Graduates as well as ensure the quality and skill of graduates in clinical practice by practicals and who fails to pass the exam will have to wait for 6 months only to give exam again, like supply exam.
    For FMGS they should be distributed across the various medical colleges in India to sit in Final proff Cum exit exam, it will act as licencing exam for them and will help to ensure their clinical skills along with theoretical knowledge because medicine is not only theory it depends lot more upon practical and clinical skills.
    If you want it to be like USMLE and PLAB please check pattern of USMLE,that\’s a whole set of exam and well prepared licencing test not Like convert NEET-PG into Exit ,like temporary chlta h type solution.

  3. user
    Dr jagdip madaan January 24, 2017, 7:01 pm

    When neet was made compulsory even for admissions in private medical colleges we were surprised how pvt medical colleges will earn but could not find answer and when result came got the answer they have changed qualifying marks from 50 percent to 50 percentile means instead of 360 it became app 150 so again it is game of money if your kid got high marks rich with less marks will be able to admit there wards because all colleges increased fee app 10 lakh per year regards

  4. user
    Dr jagdip madaan January 24, 2017, 6:48 pm

    Why no exit exam for engineers IAS etc.will again there will be reservation like reserve candidates with less marks will pass so what purpose it will solve? In fact reservation should be removed from medical stream and no party will do it regards