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Prescribing Liv 52, Septillion, etc may land you to Jail: Medical Council Warns its Doctors

Prescribing Liv 52, Septillion, etc may land you to Jail: Medical Council Warns its Doctors

New Delhi: While allopathic practitioners across the country have shown their objections to cross-pathy, opposing practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine including Ayurveda and Homeopathy prescribing allopathic drugs, many modern medicine doctors themselves are indulging in cross pathy by preceding ayurvedic medicines to their patients.

Drawing attention to this fact, a Delhi Medical Council warning is seen telling its allopathic members not to prescribe ayurvedic medicines name some commonly prescribed medicines including LIV 52, Cystone, Septiline, M2 Tone, Amlycure Ds, Neeri, Amycoridial etc.

Doctors registered with Delhi Medical Council (DMC) are hereby directed not to practice or prescribe Ayurvedic drugs like LIV52, Cystone, Septilin, M2 Tone, Amlycure Ds., Neeri, Amycordial etc. It is a punishable office under Delhi Bhartiaya Chikitsa Parishad Act, 1998.

This comes in light of the fact that practitioners of allopathic medicines in the capital are not registered with the respective council of Ayurveda, and hence prescribing Ayurveda medicines in these circumstances would lead to an offence under the Delhi Bhartiaya Chikitsa Parishad Act, 1998

 Section 30 : False assumption of Medical Practitioner under this Act to be an offence.Any person who falsely assumes that he is a practitioner as defined in clause (k) of section 2 and practices Bhartiya Chikitsa (Indian System of Medicine), shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment which may extend up to three years and with five which may extend up to Rupees fifty thousand.

Explaining the Guidance, Dr Girish Tyagi, Registrar, Delhi Medical Council explained,”Under the law, Crosspathy is not allowed, whether it is Ayush practitioners prescribing allopathic medicines,or  vice versa. Allopathy Doctors prescribing ayurveda medicines are punishable under the Delhi Bhartiaya Chikitsa Parishad Act, 1998 and the Ayurveda Council can take action against such doctors.

Ayurvedic medicines are commonly supplemented with allopathic prescriptions, and have also found their way in government hospital supplies. Commonly used ayurvedic medicines include  Liv 52 which is an ayurvedic medicine, used commonly to improve liver functions, while cystone is widely used for ayurvedic management of url-genital diseases including Kidney stones. Septilin is an immunity boosting medicine and M2 tone is used in patients with irregular periods

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  1. user
    Umadavi vundavalli August 11, 2018, 4:16 pm

    Doctors who prescribe Li52 ,Neeri, M2 tone etc.prescribe them as a placebo which is allowed in Allopathy, for that one need not have deep know ledge of a particular system of medicine.

  2. It is legally and morally very correct. If you have not studied and taken a degree in Ayurveda, then what right you have to prescribe Liv 52. ?? Visa versa is also right.

  3. Sir if it is so why allopathic Dr are prescribing medicine which are made from plant extracts.

  4. user
    Sudhirkumar Chowdhary August 7, 2018, 10:24 pm

    As long as I can remember Liv52 and Cystone manufactured by Himalaya Drug company have been used widely-why suddenly the hue and cry?And as usual allopathic doctors being targeted.

  5. user
    सुनील कुमार August 7, 2018, 5:42 pm

    वो सारी दवाई भी बैन होनी चाहिए जिनके साल्ट पेड़ पौधो ओर प्राकृतिक धातु ओर उपधातु से निकाल कर अलोपथी ले नाम सेलिखते है

  6. Well done DMC. The step you took should have been initiated ages ago. I personally know many allopathic doctors prescribing ayurvedic medicines, this should not be so. With all due respect to allopathic doctors, many of your medicines show side effects, in order to cure that side effect other medicines are administered. Using of ayurveda medicines without proper knowledge of quantity (mathra) on may cause harm to the patient. The drugs (dravyas) naturally occurring around us when possessed purely results in medicaments which not only cure the disease but also prevents them from reoccurring. If we (AYUSH) took a patent of these herbal drugs then, production of allopathic medicines would stop, as these are mostly plant extracts.

  7. user
    Dr. K. P. P. V. Rao,MBBS August 10, 2018, 7:21 am

    If that is so then why almost all ayurvedic doctors take to prescribing allopathic medicines as soon as they graduate? Do they have complete knowledge of allopathic medicines like we do? Are they not endangering the lives of their patients while doing so? I would advise all ayurveds( vaidyas) to stick to ayurvedic medicines,we will stick to ours. That you will not be able to do b\’cos then you will not be able to earn much. By introducing bridge course,govt is trying to promote quackery.