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“Medical Dialogues” is one of its kind platforms to get updated with the latest information in the healthcare sector. We create a buzz in the medical industry through daily updates, healthcare articles, and reporting transparent & authenticated news. In our journey, we have also generated more than 3.5 lakh subscribers that regularly read the Medical Dialogues for their news needs Advertising with us provides a unique opportunity to touch base with a very large healthcare audience all at the same time. Your product or service will be visible among various categories of the healthcare sector, including:

Hospitals Doctors Associations
Pharma Companies Chemists Health Media
Device Equipment Companies Other Health Professionals
Healthcare Associations Government MBBS/PG Aspirants
AYUSH practitioners Medical Students Medical colleges
Nursing General Public Other Professionals

Our Digital Marketing Offerings

Ample of Opportunities for you to Promote, Reach, Interact with Doctors with SEO-driven push and reach enhancements.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Advertise in Newsletter

Leader board ads

  • Going to 2.7 lakh doctors daily, according to their specializations.
  • Our database includes around 3600+ Cardiologists, 8600+ Ophthalmologists and 10000+ Gynecologists amongst other specializations.
How they work:

Medical Dialogues sends two newsletters daily (e.g. to TG, Once in the morning with general news and again in the evening with specialty-related news. You can take up branding spaces in these daily newsletters to create maximum recall of your products. See Screenshot for sample. Why Us: Medical Dialogues creates meaningful content for specialty-wise doctors and hence has a large number of active subscribers ( who open the email at least once a month). Our email open rates of gynecology are around 12% on average, far above the industry standards of 4-5%.

The minimum period of 30 days is to be booked. (Landing Pages cost and maintenance will be additional)

Advertise with a Dedicated emailer

Specially Curated emails surrounding your product for wider circulation to the specialist TG of your choice.
How they work: These are your brand communications to our Target audience. These are regularly used for brand reminders to the specialists. Popular Communications include launch emails, webinar invites, Research summaries, brand reminders, etc, COVID stopped your representative, but you can reach your Dr. through us.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x
increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Advertorial Articles

  • Under our initiative MD brand connect, we tie with major players to provide regular updates to medical practitioners.
  • Articles about the Company/ Its products/its vision/ interview with key officials etc. Articles surrounding the salt formulation as well as the brand. These are an excellent medium to create awareness about the molecule as well as advocacy for your product.
    • How they work- Articles are published on Medical Dialogues and circulated in the next day’s newsletter to 2.7 lakh doctors. In your target Specializations, it will be part of the top 3 news.
    • Why Us- Besides our large reach via the newsletter, Medical Dialogues is a Google news registered platform, which means all your news will be featured in Google news and will also get indexed at higher places in Google

Video posts

We can create new videos or share existing videos, webinars, KOL Videos, Videos aids surrounding your product to the target audience of your choice.
How they work: Just like articles, video posts are also published on Medical Dialogues and circulated in the next day’s newsletter to 2.7 lakh doctors. In your target specializations, it will be part of the top 3 news. If you want video posts can be locked in for doctors only

increase your brand recall rate by 10x
increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Microsite development and Management

Page briefing about your product, salt, its videos, articles, and other information.

How they work- We create the landing pages based on brief and instructions and materials provided by you and optimize the same on a monthly basis on Google so that it comes in the first few results of Google, when you search the brand or the molecule.

Advertisement in Newsportal

Slot-wise advertisement for your OTC products to create maximum recall within the medical community. Ø How they Work- You place your banner ad on prefixed slots at Medical Dialogues for a month and the banners show at all articles ( except other client advertorials) at those predefined slots ØWhy Us: Wide reach to niche healthcare audience including GPs, Specialists, Medical Students, etc. us.

increase your brand recall rate by 10x
increase your brand recall rate by 10x

Article Creation and Promotion