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3 years jail, Rs 20,000 fine if AYUSH practioners practice Allopathy

3 years jail, Rs 20,000 fine if AYUSH practioners practice Allopathy

Trouble seems to be mounting for practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine (AYUSH), including BUMS, BAMS, BIMS, BHMS practitioners who were earlier practicing allopathy. After the recent high court judgement clearly specifying that such practitioners cannot practice allopathy, the Delhi Medical Council taking cognizance of the order, has issued an advertisement in a newspaper reiterating the same.

Referring the judgement that came out on 8th April, 2016, DMC has noted that only persons who possess any of the recognized medical qualification as per First, Second or Third Schedule to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and registered with the Delhi Medical Council is entitled to practice in modern scientific system of medicine (allopathy) in the NCT of Delhi.Moreover, the advt states that qualification of BAMS, BIMS, BUMS, Ayurvedic/Unani/ Siddha or Homeopathy are not recognized medical qualification as per the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, hence, holder of such qualifications are not entitled to practice modern scientific system of medicine (allopathy).

Any person practicing modern scientific system of medicine (Allopathy) in contravention of the above will render himself liable to punitive action, inter-alia, under Section 27 of The Delhi Medical Council Act, 1997, which is reproduced as under:-

Section 27. False assumption of Medical Practitioner or Practitioner under this Act to be an offence: Any person who falsely assumes that he is a medical practitioner or practitioner as defined in Clause (7) of Section 2 and practices the modern scientific system of medicine, shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment which may extend up to three years of with fine which may extend up to Rs. 20,000/-or with both.

Speaking to Medical Dialogues Team, Dr Arun Gupta, President, Delhi Medical Council said, ” Delhi Medical council as a constitutional body, has an obligation to see and check that those who are not qualified in the field of allopathy, should not be allowed to practice the same. I rather urge to all my colleagues from other pathies to restrict to their own pathy and not to demean their own field by indulge in cross pathies. “

Following is the copy of the advt

DMC advt

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  1. It is Good
    But the person who has worked with alopathy companies and they are hvivg degree like bims, MD in Indo alopathy should be given authority for practice

  2. I wonder why these AYUSH doctors want to prescribe allopathic medicines. Don\’t they have the confidence in the medicines of their own systems? They have been taught a particular stream of medicine and have minimal knowledge of allopathy, which any medical store sales boy would have. Prescribing allopathic medicines just goes to show that they themselves have no faith in their own systems and more faith in the scientifically tested and proven allopathy. Else why wouldn\’t they treat patients with medicines from their own systems of medicine? They mostly dispense medicines in bottles labeled only with numbers and absolutely no information about the ingredients of the medicine. It is universally known that mostly they contain cheap corticosteroids, powdered and disguised, to make the patient feel better immediately after taking them only to make things worse after a while. Dear AYUSH practitioners, if you have strong faith in your own system of medicine, please prescribe medicines of your own system and let us, the allopathic doctors practice our own system. Where are all the breakthroughs in medicine coming from? In which system of medicine are clinical trials done rigorously and why is allopathy the only form of medicine which practices evidence based medicine? We all know where the future lies. It is only sensible to move ahead with times instead of practicing the same old ancient methods. We all know that after finishing school, everyone of us who aspired to become doctors, wanted to join MBBS. Those who were meritorious got into MBBS. The ones who were academically and intellectually challenged had to settle for the alternate medicine courses. Can any one AYUSH doctor claim that he got an MBBS seat and yet chose to take up alternative medicine? Homeopathy has already been scientifically proven as utter rubbish and not better than any placebo. The rest will follow.
    Finally, I wont waste my time answering any stupid responses from anyone. Infact I wont even be reading them. Adios.

  3. MBBS doctor herbal medicine kyu likhte hain

  4. I welcome the judgement , I suggest the same to the AYUSH fellows. Accept that cell biology is the same , there is NO different biology . It is obligatory to understand what we r advising to our pt. medicine has evolved to this level for the last 4 to 5 hundred years . The future is exciting in terms of technology and nanotechnology. Future infections and cancer can be conquered by nano particles. Those who want go back wards let them go, modern medicine is in safe hands . Ignorant , arrogant , foolish fellows called me so many names that shows their dirty minds . Ignorance is bliss in our country. No more comments . Iam committed , ethical teacher. I don\’t need any ones certificate to practice . These fellows need clearences including honourable court to practice modern medicine . Modern medicine is the only one open for scientific criticism. Good bye .

  5. Allopathy drs practice Ayurveda heavily…should be imprisoned for ten years

  6. Good report to the concerned authorities take action. First prove that what u use fits into the definition of a drug where they are validated and what is their physiological and pharmacological action.

  7. I would like to request all to not get personal on this post. This discussion board is based on supreme court judgment and this judgement has been passed following expert faculty consultation. If you step back and think, shouldn\’t we all practice the medical entity we have been trained in rather than trying to catch up with assumptions and practical issues like vacancies ,poverty and service coverage.
    If AYUSH doctors provide services and people accept it then its those people\’s fate. We have to all agree that allopathic medicine is based on very strong evidence based medicine where millions are spend on reseraches and trials. To be able to practice medicine we have to go through a proper training and legally licensed to practice this entity. AYUSH may be able to produce good results and treat people but idea is not to botch up your service to allopathy just because you have some knowledge about the subject. we should respect the supreme court judgment and abide by law rather trying to pull each others strings. Similarly allopathic doctors are not trained to practice herbal medicines and again if they practice it its people\’s fate but on a wider scale allopathic doctors don\’t practice any other entity.Minor variations are very common in any community.

  8. Exactly what I am saying. Let the discussion be limited to whether AYUSH doctors should be fined or jailed or suspended for practicing allopathy medicines. Like I have already said, I am welcoming the move. Let us keep the discussions only on this topic. We AYUSH doctors DO NOT want any opinions or reviews regarding our medicines from a Non-AYUSH doctor who hardly knows anything about our science or the medicines we use since nobody here made any comment about any system of medicine.
    In fact it is ALLOPATHY medicines which keep getting banned time and again and not herbal medicines.
    Herbal medicines have ALWAYS stood the test of time

    Mr CY Reddy before making any more stupid comments and as a senior, being a disgrace to your faculty, go through this link. It is easy to write your opinions regarding medicines you have zero idea about. Maybe you should continue prescribing medicines that your medical rep gives you (and you have no idea about) and taking cuts – which I am sure you have been doing all these 40 years

    Hope you get well soon!

  9. Read properly it is combination of drugs banned I am aware of it. Where dou get the validity for the so called herbal preparation . Every one bluffing pple including drug companies . It is cheating . Which disease use ur herbal preparation. U r a disgrace to whole of humanity

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