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6 months of training and AYUSH doctor can practice allopathy in Karnataka

6 months of training and AYUSH doctor can practice allopathy in Karnataka

New government order in Karnataka states that AYUSH doctors appointed in rural PHCs can prescribe allopathic medicines ” during emergencies”

Karnataka: AYUSH doctors working in the primary health centres with the state government may soon be allowed to practice allopathy in the state provided they meet certain conditions

A recent report in HINDU states that the state government has recently passed a government order stating that that practitioners of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) appointed in Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in rural areas of Karnataka can practice allopathy “during emergencies”.

The move comes after an Interdepartmental committee set up by the state health department and headed by the  State drug controller to study the feasibility of AYUSH doctors practicing allopathy gave a positive report on the move. It is reported that this positive note came despite objections raised by the Karnataka Medical Council and Indian Medical Association who opposed the move.

With this, AYUSH doctors working with the state government will be able to prescribe allopathic medicines in emergencies provided they meet the following conditions:

  1.  AYUSH practitioners in PHCs should undergo a six-month crash course under senior doctors in district hospitals.
  2. Get Themselves certified by the registration authority under the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act-The jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner-headed regulatory committees, set up under the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act, should certify trained AYUSH practitioners, the panel has recommended

Clarifying on the nature of the training course,  N.A. Magadum, president of AYUSH Federation of India’s State unit, who is also a member of the committee told the Hindu, ” “The course will include three months each of theory and practicals. The idea is to prepare them to treat communicable and non-communicable diseases in rural areas,”

The move has met with strong opposition from the practitioners of Modern Medicine in the state, who have equated the policy with the promotion of quackery.  Karnataka Medical Council has also written to the government seeking postponement of the said order. “Allowing integrated practise will result in increased number of medical negligence cases. It is unfortunate that our views have not been considered,” a KMC member told the daily.

Government officials on the other hand upheld the decision calling it essential in the face of severe shortage of doctors in the rural areas.  “We already have nearly 800 AYUSH practitioners recruited against the posts of General Duty Medical Officers,” a top official said.

With the decision Karnataka in line with 13 other states including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, and Uttarakhand, where integrated practise is legal adds the daily.

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  1. user
    Dr.Sunila Sharma January 13, 2017, 2:56 pm

    Such type of training in both traditional and modern health care is necessary for rural centers in order to effectively tacking emergencies before transporting to higher centers

  2. And if community doesn\’t cured and relieved by ayush\’s allopathic ,then say the quality of MBBS holder is very poor…they Shud give 2-3 exam more to prove them that they have knowledge

  3. Don\’t ayush doctor\’s have guts to practice their own system?
    Why do they need to get into other system?
    Why do they do B.A.M.S course?(if at all you want to prescribe english medicine do MBBS)
    If they don\’t have faith in their system of medicine,then better don\’t join the course!

  4. Why there is a MBBS course?
    Give us also 6months training in pharmacology and give chance to practice!(RIP MEDICINE)
    Give 6 months training in surgery,then allow him to practice surgery..
    Why the hell are we doing 5.5 years MBBS course?
    Where is the concept of evidence based medicine?
    To policy makers :
    Do you have any idea of I\’ll effects of this amendment/policy?
    If you allow a B.A.M.S doctor to prescribe medicine…That person with no idea of drug resistance will start prescribing antibiotics of his choice…And in long run this will read to a catastrophic drug resistant bacteria everywhere… Everybody will suffer then..

  5. Respected Person,
    We Homoeopaths Study 5.5 yrs BHMS course along with HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE we gain knowledge through our experience about ALLOPATHIC MEDICINES. We are not Haphazardly prescribing medicine. We are also studying SURGERY subject in 3rd Year and MEDICINE subject in 4th year with along 2Yrs clinical experience daily in 3rd and 4th year. Along with it in internship we complete 600+ cases to achieve the BHMS degree. & SURGERY and MEDICINE we study in terms of HOMOEOPATHY and ALLOPATHY both. R.I.P MBBS students who has no knowledge of our SACRED organon philosophy of Medicine. Founder pf HOMOEOPATHY Sir. Dr.C.F.S Hahnemann was a MD(allopathic) physician.

  6. A fellow by position controller of drugs and cosmetics decides about such issues of ayush fellows practicing modern medicine. Another ayurvedhacharya a member of the committe talks about communicable and non communicable diseases. Ayush fellows don\’t believe the existence of microorganisms. The very fact they want to practice medicine only shows that there is nothing in AYUSH except ASH. At least now u accept you ayush fellows are back door entry to medical practice. I know how coorpt the office of the controller drugs. How this fellow can decide about medical doctors . What I M A and K M c doing. There is decision
    By Delhi hifh court , all of u read. The secretaries in sectariat , the politicians , the minister are all playing with lives of rural masses . I am angry and ashamed that ignorant pple r ruling us . This only shows AYUSH is ash and these fellows should be thrown out of practicing any type of medicine.