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Baba Ramdev Launches Niramaya- High End Ayurveda Hospital

Baba Ramdev Launches Niramaya- High End Ayurveda Hospital

Haridwar- Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev was recently seen launching a state-of-the art, Ayurvedic Treament Centre, Niramaya, to cater to the demands for Ayurveda and Naturapathy for the high net worth patients across the country. ET reports that the said facility was unvieled by the Union Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley on Sunday.

Situated with the campus of ” Yog Gram” -the health facility run by the Yoga Guru near Haridwar, Niramaya, which translates to mean free from disease would provide high end treatment options in Ayurveda and Naturpathy focusing basically on lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, obesity.

The target audience would indeed be the rich and the upper class, with treatment options ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per day .Officials at the Yog gram informed ET that Niramaya has four rooms with a tariff of Rs 50,000 per day (including treatment) and 12 where the cost is Rs 30,000 per day.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony Jaitley said ayurveda and naturopathy were gaining in popularity across the world and this was reflected in centres that provided holistic treatment for diseases. “I am happy that Niramaya will function under the guidance of Swami Ramdev and benefit from his vast expertise,” he said.

The centre is going to combine treatment procedures in Ayurveda including Panchkarma along with naturopathic treatments and care would be provided  under the supervision of trained doctors.


Source: with inputs from ET
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  1. They have mosquitos all over the facility. Some flaws in booking and some booking staff is not trained. Treatment is good. But there are mosquitoes and fleas all over the facility which will not let you concentrate on the yoga and treatment. If you are coming here only for treatment then it\’s good but if you are here to spend vacation then this place is not for you.

    They have wifi but they do not have trained staff so if something goes down then it take long time for them to fix it. They don\’t have separate sessions in different languages.

    During the stay you will have to go under observed diet. They will serve you the food which is on your chart. It can be limited food. Also you might have to do fasting. The food quality is poor and not healthy. Soar curd, under or over cooked food most of the time. They will not let you eat any other outside food. If you take food with you during the treatment then they will take the food.

    This facility is no where close to 7 star as we have seen on news. It\’s has many flaws and many things needs improvement.

    Treatment staff is well trained but office staff and dinning staff need good training. Treatment centers are not so clean and full of mosquitoes.

    Good interior but their interior is not helping us to improve the service na sleeping the mosquitoes away. Thick and hard pillows will cause neck sprain. Rock hard beds. RUDE and mannerless office staff. Food quality is also poor. Minimum stay is 7 days. And you will have to pay the full amount in advance. They don\’t have credit card machine and so you will have to pay cash.

    There is no free horseback riding or boat riding available as described on their website. False advertising. You will not get what you pay for. We spent total 2,80,000 for 5 people but it really not worth it. There are many other better options available in India other than this crap place. You might see other reviews which are not genuine reviews online.

  2. damm too much costly ..can\’t afford 🙁

  3. user
    parveengirdhar June 5, 2017, 4:12 pm

    cost is very high.

  4. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 16, 2017, 11:00 am

    According to Taber\’s cyclopaedic MEDICAL Dictionary, There are more than 2500 Medicinal plants are found across the world. In INDIA alone more than 30 % are found . That means all most all Health related problems can be taken care by herbs. Unfortunately India\’s contribution quite negligible, we are not able to promote our products In the world market . ( It is only 1%}. Where as multi national companies like AmWay and Harbalife have spread their tentacles across the world , including in Our country. There is huge potential in this field , so it\’s better more and more people with scientific mind involve in Research work .

  5. The last resort for crooked and failed to become doctor in this country: Ayush.
    Voodoo medicine being promoted and is flourishing everyday. God save us.

  6. God bless you, ignorant.