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BIMS, BUMS, BAMS reach Supreme court challenging crosspathy ban

BIMS, BUMS, BAMS reach Supreme court challenging crosspathy ban

Next Hearing on 8th August, 2016

New Delhi: Challenging the Delhi High Court decision of April 8th which clearly specified that BIMS, BUMS, BAMS, and other other practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine cannot practice modern scientific system of medicine and prescribe allopathic medicines, National Integrated Medical Association and All India Indian Medicine Graduates Association are reported to have filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.

The appeal came in the wake of the Delhi high court decision that had struck the clause Section 2(h) of the Delhi Bharatiya Chikitsa Parishad Act, 1998 (DBCP Act) and the Notification No.28-5/2004-Ay. (MM) dated 19th May, 2004 of Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) that on the basis whereof the practitioners of Indian System of Medicine were claiming to have a right to practice in the Allopathic System of Medicine.

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During the partial hearing on 1st august, Arguments went on from the side of ISM practitioners, who are being represented by prominent lawyers of the country including Senior Advocates Harish Salve and Raju Ramachandran. The lawyer on behalf of ISM practitioners, that the history of surgery in the world, started with Sushruta who was a noted Ayurvedacharya.

Moreover it was argued that, many allopathic drugs including antibiotics are necessary part of treatment/surgeries, which the said practitioners are not being able to prescribe in the wake of the high court judgement in delhi

However, considering the current scenario of medical practise in mind the Chief Justice of India, hon’ble Justice TS Thakur, who is hearing the matter did not seem much convinced with the argument, even remarking.

“How many of you would go to an Ayurvedacharya for a surgery?”

The chief justice has indeed is reported to have shown a great surprise to the contention that ayurivedic practitioner perform surgeries in the country, and is reported to have asked the petitioners to furnish details of the same if this is so.

Next hearing is on coming monday

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  1. What happened in yesterday\’s hearing?

  2. What happened in yesterday\’s hearing?

  3. Can any one tell me what the \’Modern Medicine \’is?

  4. India has a very lax guidelines in all government\’s machinery to allow all type of idiocy.

  5. These quacks are not imparted with the needed education in modern medicines. Moreover they are the most intolerant stuff if objected to their stupidities, which more often happens.
    They command more respect from the patients than the allo-physicians
    Whereas an MD(allo) is definitely more humble to the patients than an ordinary BAMS.
    Coming to their job, they never prescribe a single ayurved medicines. Their prescriptions are only allo-med.
    Reason being that they themselves don\’t believe on their studies(ayurveda), treatment & its process. Instead, for speedy recovery & fast and good result, they prescribe allo-med. And more use of steroids.
    Authorities must act to this practice

  6. No one can become doctor by only practicle experiences can a person do job of mbbs if he just stay with doctor for even five years. Answer is no .no bams can handle icu pateint but he can if his syllabus contains icu matter. If i m rong then say that a person can becom doctor without studying mbbs dont panic no one can discus heart patients if he didnt read. You r against bams coz they conpete u sorry but this is the truth otherwise quacks chemists rmp r all safe leaving bams unsafe

  7. It\’s ur personal experience/opinion/regret to an individual,dont think it\’s benchmark to evaluate d system.
    Some allopathic drugs r required in general practice.
    Don\’t speak like it\’s ur right on d modern medicine.
    Be mature ur physician.

  8. I know that it hurts you, don\’t be pathetic. Do these people study allo-meds????
    You are endorsing that an LLb in corporate laws can defend your car accident case in the court of law?
    If you still say that he can, then these people should have set an example in their favour by hiring an LLb tax practitioner instead of those prominent lawyers to present their case in the supreme court..
    Enough has been pointed out.