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Foreign Doctors may soon be allowed to practice in India

Foreign Doctors may soon be allowed to practice in India

New Delhi :Doctors with foreign backgrounds may get a strong ease to practice in India, as the government is mulling over to allow foreign doctors to practise in the country without the need of any examination.

A news report in Indian Express points out that the The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is all set to give the nod to Medical Council of India (MCI) to begin registration of doctors without any test. The proposal vetted by Ministry of Law and Justice will soon be notified.

The reasoning behind this move has been pointed out to be strengthening the human resource requirements of the health sector, which currently suffers from a shortage of more than lakh doctors.

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Till now, the current policy calls for  only Indian citizen doctors with foreign degrees to practice . This comes after clearing the mandatory Foreign Medical Graduates Examination that is required to secure an MCI registration and hence practice in the country. However, the performance of students in the exam have been quite dismal with an average 77 per cent Indian students who returned with a foreign medical degree since 2004 failing to clear the mandatory screening examination conducted by Medical Council of India.

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Meanwhile, foreign doctors have been allowed to study in India and if required MCI would give them temporary registration, following which they can practice in any hospital here. IE adds that the new rule is expected to widen the scope to include doctors from other countries apart from USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia whose doctors are allowed to practise as per provisions.

While the move is expected to benefit thousands of doctors who are unable to practice in the country, for the want of clearing the MCI test, it remains to be seen how the move would help in solving the manpower crisis in the rural health centres of the country.

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  1. Many students from Russia ,ukrain, phillipines and china are below average in knowledge.They even dont know the basics of pharmacology and clinical accumen..MCI should make sure tney are competent in their profession and able to practise in india.MCI screening test is a must for indian students coming with degree from abroad.Not fair if they are excluded and work in india with out exams.Here indian students are screened and with great knowledge leave their universities.But above mentioned countries studies are not strict enough and they pay and pass.

  2. user
    dr.sudheer palkar March 21, 2017, 10:15 am

    The government should see that our medical graduates get recognition in the countries who want to practice in India.This can not be a one sided affair.

  3. user
    Dr. K .H Reddi March 9, 2017, 12:45 pm

    Quacks are free to practice in India. They make more money than I highly qualified doctors. MCI ? — MALPRACTICE COUNCIL OF INDIA. Shame on you

  4. user
    SOMA GUHATHAKURTA February 28, 2017, 2:17 pm

    At least eyes are opening against inadvertent medical bills and unnecessary investigations and apathetic attitude toward patients by the hospital staffs. certain investigations have to be prescribed to make use of the expensive machineries for survival of the medical fraternity, system is like that and its adoption has now become a rule. We are equating Indian patients with the medical tourism patients and landing up in disasters in health care. All accreditations of the hospitals have some rules to follow where a large chunk is management staffs inclusion.

  5. It is a catch 22 situation on one side medical graduate don\’t get a decent job after toiling for five and a half years and then have to go for post graduation.Why can\’t govt make it mandatory for every medical graduate to work for at least for one year after graduation and provide them with good salary and working conditions.This way the scarcity of medical man power will be settled in a few years.