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How to reduce violence against Doctors

How to reduce violence against Doctors

Ever wondered why Violence Against Doctors are on the rise?

In the past few years, more instances of violence against medical practitioners have come to light than probably in the entire last decade. With the rapid spread of information and growing awareness of instances both among the public and medical fraternity, this has created dissatisfaction on both sides, creating an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust on both the sides

Well this was the agenda of the Delhi Medical council, in its recent meeting with the resident doctors working with the government hospitals in the capital. Delhi Medical Council is in the process of developing on a white paper on assault against doctors and has invited participation from the Delhi Medical Assocaition, Indian Medical Association as well as  FORDA, an association of resident doctors working in the government hospitals in the capital.

As an outcome of the meeting, many important issues have been identified as key notes to deal with this problem.

1. Role of community-It was clear that over the years, expectations have increased. Everyone needs to understand that science has conquered a lot of things but not death. It is important everyone needs to understand that death is part of life. And health sector should be promoted in a positive manner. Few nuisance creators (wrong elements) have actually malign the profession.

2. Role of doctors-Not just patients, its doctors who also need to change their attitude. Time to time attendants must be counseled. The positive Image of a medical practitioner needs to be strengthened. All would agree by consensus that while the majority of the medical profession is pure but there are a few doctors bringing the bad name for all doctors. In hospitals, Senior doctors must be present in casualty to take care of any unexpected situation. A good counselling does a great job in patient satisfaction.

3. Quality of healthcare system is poor and needs to be improved– While the population growth has seen sharp growth in the past few decades, same has not been the case with healthcare institutions. Instances of attacks of doctors and staff occur, majorly on account of lack of sufficient infrastructure with the government hospitals, be it with the availability of ICU beds, ventilators, diagnostics test, medicine etc. It is important that the governments, both state and center, shift their focus in enhancing the quality of healthcare in the government setups of the country.

4. Role of media– Media plays an important role in bringing to light the happenings of the healthcare sector. In this light, it is imperative for the media to cover the positive news of the medical profession from time to time and not do media trial of the profession all the time.

5. Role of police– In cases of Violence in healthcare organisations, the police needs to act swiftly. The police  must instill confidence among the society and doctors even and strictly enforce the law in non partisan manner. First and foremost, they must act as crime prevention agency.

6. Role of politicians– They must not back the bad elements of the society. Instead they must explain them about the possible outcomes. Many government doctors have pointed out of the VIP culture persistent in the government hospitals, with many cases of violence across the country being reported with the involvement of kins with political clout. It is imperative that there should be a political will to bring about congenial environment which helps both doctor and patient and there relationship.

7. Role of DMC– The Delhi Medical council has taken up the issue at a deeper level. Dr. Arun Gupta President DMC said ” DMC is always trying to make the doctor patient relationship better for the society. To achieving this goal we have had 2 meeting with various stakeholders seeking there inputs in helping us formulate guidelines to avoid assault on doctors. while we are formulating the guidelines to address the issue at hand, I appeal to the people of Delhi not to attack or misbehave with doctors as they are for your service only.”

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  1. user
    Dr B S Kakkilaya February 8, 2017, 11:23 am

    Reasons for the manifold increase in the Violence against Doctors are also manifold :
    1.Peoples expectations have skyrocketed in the last decade and a half.Death is not accepted,weather it is an infant or an Octogenerian.The patient may be suffering from any disease,at any stage of the disease,whatever may be the complication,patient should not die.This is the level of expectations of the people today.
    2.Generally,the immediate relatives show better understanding of the situation but in most cases,the distant relatives,friends and often,the relatives of other patients are the culprits.They instigate the already iemotionally drained relatives.
    3.In a present age of cases,INSTIGATION BY ANOTHER DOCTOR ,is the main reason.
    4.Political interference.In most cases,the politicians are behind violence against Doctors.They are only bothered about their vote bank.They are not really interested in the welfare of the patient.So they support the pt irrespective of the truth,about which they are not bothered.Anyway Doctors only form a nano part of their vote bank.
    5.News Media too play a large role in violence against Doctors.They always believe in creating a huge hill out of a Mole.They only want Sensational news.They want to be the first to splash the news.They are least bothered about the facts of the case.
    6.Police,of course will be there,to show their presence.They hardly ever lift even a little finger to help Doctors.They hardly ever either prevent or stop violence against Doctors.
    They do not communicate with patients relatives properly and effectively, regarding the patients gen.condition,at admission.They donot bother to spend few minutes with relatives on a day to day basis,explaining the patients Gen.Condition.We fail to offer the relatives the option to shift to Higher Center,either at admission or at the first hint of complications.We donot value the need for a detailed informed consent,regarding the present condition and possible complications,grave risk to patients life etc.We still believe in taking risk consent in the obsolete printed format of British Era,which is neither comprehensive nor understandable by even educated patients.I believe in a very customised risk consent for each patient,written down by the immediate relative in their own handwriting.
    10.Often we fail to go for Relevant and Necessary Investigations.
    These are ,in my opinion the main reasons for Violence against Doctors.

  2. Improving basic infrastructure of hospitals, making adequate availability of medications and adequate man power which involves doctors, staff nurses, technicians are the strategies to be implemented immediately

  3. user
    Dr Raj Rajeshwari Saigal January 31, 2017, 1:44 am

    Attacks on doctors can be prevented by many methods. No doubt inspite of doctor being very sincere in ones effort to manage the serious patients ,but at the time of death patients become violent.Actually they are upset to face the unwilling result. Doctors are also human beings. Death is in Gods hands. Doctors are just tools in the hands of god to treat patients. Doctors also die. If death was in doctor\’s hand, no doctor will die & becoe mortal. only experience has taught that Doctor must sincerely treat the patient. Doctor should start treating patient,whom he thinks he can give cover. If he is not able to treat he should refer the patient to a place where treatment can be given & explain to the patient that exorbitant cost may be there but patient will be given best of treatment possible.Rest life is in hands of god. just pray moreover when patient is serious, doctor should sympathise with attendants & give them true picture .Even at death if you sympathise with the attendants,& you are with the patient till end moment, they are satisfied & say that doctor tried his best. Doctor should be calm & sympathetic. This behaviour calms the crowd.Rest Police,Politicians,etc should also help doctors. They should not exploit the bad elements.Change of mindset of the roudy crowd is very important.This will continue till mischief mongers are there in society.Doctors are already over stressed.

  4. I think personal effective communication can avert many a difference of opinion and suspicion.Many doctors feel it is better to talk less to the patient.But not so .If patients and their attenders a re listened to and proper explanation is given then there can be hardly any Ill Dr feeling amongst patients.

  5. user
    Dr.Chiniwalar V V January 24, 2017, 11:10 am

    Doctor treats
    God heals so
    Doctor is not God to treat and cure the DEATH.This should be known to patients & their families and attendants. Some miscreants in the society to extract money do such things.Medical professionals should not bend

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