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Karnataka: Government to fill PHC vacancies with AYUSH doctors, IMA cries foul

Karnataka: Government to fill PHC vacancies with AYUSH doctors, IMA cries foul

Bengaluru: In a move that  has raised eyebrows of practitioners of modern medicine, Karnataka State government has made an announcement of filling up vacancies at the state primary health centres (PHCs) with the AYUSH  (Ayurveda, Unani, Sidda and Homeopathy) doctors. There are currently 2207 PHCs in the state having vacancies of  about 257 doctors

A confirmation to this effect was made by Shalini Rajneesh, Principal Secretary, Health department, who told Indian Express, “By December, there will be no PHC with vacancies as the Health Department has decided to recruit AYUSH doctors. But if MBBS doctors want to apply, they are welcome. First preference will be given to them.”

The ISM practitioners shall be appointed as General Duty Medical Officers at the PHCs and shall be paid the salaries corresponding to what MBBS doctors are being paid, that is Rs 40,000 in urban and Rs 42,000 in rural areas for contract doctors.

It is further reported that a committee under the chairmanship of the State drug controller has been appointed to study the feasibility of allowing AYUSH doctors to prescribe allopathic medicines as well as the possibility of providing a three-month training to the recruited AYUSH doctors by the State Institute of Health and Family Welfare in allopathy practice.

Strong Opposition 

The move has met with strong opposition from the state branch of the Indian Medical Association as well as the Karnataka Medical Council, who have alleged that this would “make way for quackery.”

IMA State president Rajashekar S. Bellary told Hindu that by legally allowing cross practice, the State government would put the lives of poor patients in rural areas at risk. “We have expressed our opposition on several occasions and have also written to the department demanding that the move be dropped. No AYUSH practitioner with a three-month training can be as eligible as an MBBS doctor to treat patients with allopathy medicines. It is dangerous and risky,” the doctor said.

While the doctors have cited various Supreme Court Judgements as well as government circulars in this regard, the health minister seems to be strongly inclined towards the said move.

Speaking with Express, Health Minister K R Ramesh Kumar clearly said, “When we made rural service compulsory, MBBS doctors went to court and got a stay. They have been made doctors with the state’s money but there is no sense of gratitude among them. Now when we want to recruit AYUSH doctors, they want to oppose that too. Should people be left to die?

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  1. user
    Dr.prashant mirje October 27, 2017, 8:29 pm

    Good move give a chance and see they will prove that mbbs people nothing infront of ayush doctors knowledge

  2. user
    Dr.Sathish m s August 3, 2017, 4:06 pm

    Its a good move… The people should get health benefits… Whom ever d doctor they atleast no the basic Rx , with first aid he can shift d patient… Health services should reach all people.. Just see d things happening on Maharashtra, where both MBBS ,AYUSH people have same value,pay such that people are benefited… Think of very poor,middle class people and allopathy people understand d situation n make good things to society..

  3. Pls give a chance to Ayush doctors they want to struggle in rural areas and they learned allopathic medicine in their both theory and practical classes bcoz Ayush doctors also have modern study and anatomy physiology surgery general medicine pediatric all cellbras come to them Pls provide a chance if u want give training give for six months but give a chance to prove them

  4. Good move…It\’s their wrong perception that AYUSH doctors don\’t know anything…Govt is not fool to certify us as doctors though we are not knowing any thing…In private sectors they can recruit AYUSH doctors but when it comes to govt sector y they should oppose…Still they come out of with degree they used to attend too many CME\’S for their upgradation y not govt can conduct us same and help us to improve our knowledge…Now too many EMERGENCY MEDICINE SERVICE trainings also there…There we can learn BLS..ACLS..ITLS…PALS..So it\’s better to consider AYUSH doctors for PHC recruitment…

  5. user
    Dr.Parimala arun halagatti April 22, 2017, 2:05 am

    Its good decision of state govt to provide BAMS doc jobs in phc..village people need sudden cure from bodily pain or any diseases…so, ayush doc have to give modern medicin only to make the patient happy…in phc govt only provides free medicine to the villagers ,then doc prescribes medicine from their phc only…here no matter of giving wrong medicines…an imp thing is that almost all BAMS doc knows about modern medicines nd treatment for minor diseas…even knows disese symptoms,treatment,contraindications etc…BAMS syllabus includes anatomy physiology…nd usually well practicers in private hospitals as duty doctors…now the conclusion is that patient need a good doc whether he is allopathy or ayush…allopathy doc if they dont want to work in phc let them to leav…atleast they support us ..its a fact BAMS degree never bcome MBBS…they must allow us to provide service in villages through phc…govt not only meant for MBBS doc…they must allow us to work in phc\’s as a doctor…this is our right…

  6. I want to ask MBBS doctors that \”Is every allopathic doctor is honest ???have good knowledge????some practitioner suggest sedatives to every PATIENT to make him happy and some prescribe steroid orally.this is not done by our BAMS DOCTORS.I can 100% sure that every BAMS DOCTOR GET TRAINED HIMSELF WITH ALL SPECIALISTS.