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Kerala: Legal battle over Allopathy training of Ayurveda practitioners

Kerala: Legal battle over Allopathy training of Ayurveda practitioners

Can Ayurvedic practitioners practise allopathy?

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The controversial question was stirred upon again during a court battle between the practitioners of the two pathys in the state. This time, the question raised focused on whether ayurveda students can be allowed training in modern medicine like surgery and labour. As per the recent observations of the Kerala High court, such training cannot be denied to Ayurveda doctors.

During the hearing, allopathic practitioners argued, that such training and observations hardly benefitted people while being in clear violation of the spirit of the MCI Guidelines.

Ayurvedic practitioners on the other hand argued such training and observations were a part of their curriculum and was being imparted to students for the last 20 years, reports Indian Express.

“No complaint of Ayurveda doctors misusing their training has been received in the past two decades. The controversy arose just last year, after the Indian Medical Association (IMA) took it up with the government,” Dr Rejith Anand, general secretary of Ayurveda Medical Association of India said. Anand stated the court itself observed that knowledge could not be monopolised by anyone, which emphasised the right of Ayurveda students to train in modern medicine.

“A blind objection of the IMA against other systems of medicine made them bring in this issue,” he said, adding, “The future of Ayurveda students and even existence of Ayurveda colleges hangs in balance, unless the government takes a concrete decision on modern medicine training.

If the training is not imparted as per syllabus, the Central Council of Indigenous Medicine (CCIM) and even the state council is unlikely to give registration to students and affiliation to colleges.”

 The argument was met with a strong rebuttal from the allopathy doctors, who stated that no ‘observership’ of any kind could be allowed in modern medicine hospitals, and if such a thing happens, allopathic practitioners would oppose it. Dr A V Jayakrishnan, IMA State president highlighted that this went clearly against MCI guidelines which state that  modern medicine students can only be trained in modern medicine institutions. Speaking to IE, he also questioned Ayurveda doctors’ claim of observing the procedure for an exposure in basic aspects of modern medicine, saying,‘’Our system is different from theirs. Then what is it they want to observe? Surgery, labour and autopsy are not exhibitions. Moreover, what use it will be for an Ayurveda doctor who does not practise modern medicine?’’

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  1. user
    R.Raveendra Varma September 13, 2016, 1:38 am

    Can doctors of modern medicine practice Ayurveda, homeopathy? No. People come to each system of medicine expecting treatment in that discipline, not any other. All systems of medicine should generate their own patients to study, observe and research. A mason can\’t do an electrician\’s work and vice versa.

  2. user
    Dr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma, PT September 10, 2016, 6:59 pm

    Achieving any kind of knowledge by any one can not be stopped by anyone. There is no monopoly over any knowledge of any one in this world. After the training, government can judge the knowledge through any means if it understand appropriate.

  3. It is completely non-sense, if one learns allopathic medicine by observation only, then why the need for clinics for the undergraduates and sign and symptoms demonstrations for them. They can just watch it on you tube and become doctors. I agree that if they do not have faith in their system of medicine then they should get entry into MBBS and should not try to get back door entry into our system of medicine
    Dr. Pawan Lal
    prof. of surgery

  4. No– no & never. Every one should stick to medicines of his own pathy. For the holostic approach of treatment medicines of more that one pathy can be used by consultations with doctors of other pathy.

  5. If a medical practitioner does not have faith, confidence in the degree he or she has, then they should NOT try to get backdoor entry in allopathy

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