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Maharashtra: Doctor Couple gets 3 years jail for sex determination

Maharashtra: Doctor Couple gets 3 years jail for sex determination


Nashik : In probably a first, a district court in the Pimpalgaon area has ordered a punishment of 3 years imprisonment as well as a fine of Rs 5,000 on two medical practitioners who were caught violating the terms of PC-PNDT Act.

TOI reports the case of Doctors Arun Patil and Shobhana Patil in Pimpalgaon Baswant, who were found violating the rules governing pre-natal sex determination in 2012 at their private hospital, which also has a sonography machine. Following the same, In May 2016, the Maharashtra Medical Council suspended the accreditation of the couple after charges were framed. The couple in the meantime had approached the court in this regard.

The court, taking a strong stance against the dwindling sex ratio in the area as well as  setting an example for future cases of sex determination, has ordered a 3 year imprisonment as well as a fine of Rs 5000 for both the doctors. Moreover, with the verdict, the couple now face a permanent removal of their names from the medical register.

Regarding the dwindling sex ratio and sex selective abortions, district civil surgeon Suresh Jagdale had earlier told the newspaper, ” Our aim is to check the malpractice of sex determination throughout the district. In Nashik, the sex ratio is 922 females per 1,000 males, when it should have been 970 females. It means that a large number of sex determinations and subsequent abortions are taking place.”

“Considering the sex ratio of 970 females per 1,000 males, there should have been 33,950 child births. However, since the sex ratio in the district is 922 females per 1,000 males, there were 32,270 female births, which means that were at least 1,680 abortions.” he added


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  1. user
    Dr Arun Daulat Patil September 7, 2016, 7:13 am

    It is ridiculous . Judgement is biased.fir was filed on grounds of unknown complaint on website \’Aamchi mulgi \’
    Anyway we respect the judiciary

  2. Govt is afraid of the communities in which female foeticide/homicide is most prevalent that\’swhy no rule has been made against parents.Matlab supari dene wale ko koi punishment nahi

  3. In a country where we have countless khap panchayats who are going Scott free inspite of ordering honour killings , we have to face injustice. The punishment is out of proportion to the deed.

  4. It is very very sad to hear this news. No further comments without first hand information in detail about this it is not advisable to.In recent times the medical profession is being targeted from all spheres and is blown out disproportionately. We r not we have adequate ptŕotection. No support from any quarters why. Is it jealousy.ìs it be cos we professionals are not United or strong in ough. Pl think your job honestly judiciously and with utmost care and documentation in writing as well as in video not be hasty,and be prudent enough and cautious about returns

  5. It is akin to shooting the messenger. No Radiologist has ever indulged in heinous crime of foeticide leave aside gender based foeticide. Legally, one who commits the crime should be punished along with abettors who invariably are relatives of the female carrying a female embryo. It is ironical and travesty of justice to attribute and punish a Radiologist with preconceived notion regarding fixing of responsibility of skewed gender ratio in the region. It is high time that we logically devise a method to tackle this social issue rather than indulging in knee jerk reaction of punishing a wrong person. Another moot point is whether PC & PNDT act has been able to improve the skewed gender ratio in more than a decade of its existence?

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