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PNDT Update: MBBS doctors to continue to practise ultrasound in Delhi

PNDT Update: MBBS doctors to continue to practise ultrasound in Delhi

With the Supreme Court not announcing a stay on Delhi High Court Decision of February 2016, the said high court decision still stands implying that MBBS doctors can continue to practise ultrasound in the capital

New Delhi: Its been a quite some time since the hon’ble Delhi High Court, gave a landmark judgement with relation of application of PNDT and its requirements on medical professionals in the capital

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With one single judgement, the Delhi High Court disposed of  3 different writ petitions filed by IRIA, IMA as well as Sonology Society of India respectively and clarified a number of questions related to the PC-PNDT Act, finally declaring Rule 3(3)(1)(b) of the PNDT Rules (as it stands after the amendment with effect from 9th January, 2014) as ultra vires to the extent it requires a person desirous of setting up a Genetic Clinic / Ultrasound Clinic / Imaging Centre to undergo six months training imparted in the manner prescribed in the Six Months Training Rules.

The judgement indeed saw a great divide being created in the medical fraternity with most MBBS rejoicing with the decision while many radiologists opposing it. IRIA reportedly challenged the decision in the Apex Court .

However, despite the landmark judgement, many complained that there was no implementation of the same. Many MBBS doctors came out complaining that the health departments were ignoring their demands of registration citing no concrete reason.

In the meantime, an appeal was filed with the Supreme Court, challenging the decision of the Delhi High Court. This was done both by IRIA as well as Supreme Court of India. It is reported that during the hearing on 25/07/2016, the hon’ble court clubbed the two petitions . Further, it is further added that while  the court issued notices to other parties, it did not call for a stay at the high court judgement, implying that MBBS can still continue to practise ultrasound in the capital for the time being.

A preliminary hearing with the registrar office is now scheduled for 6th September, 2016

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  1. @Dr manvir gupta
    Sir in a multi specialiy hospital who is more humble. . A md med or dm specialist dealing in his branch. D debate is endless. Just think y you did md medicine. Coz mbbs can also write same drugs. So don\’t get biased.

  2. best sonologists in india are mbbs, i am md -medicine, i learnt from mbbs teacher, degrees do not make you good doctors. BUT the greed of md -radio-dx is so high that they want us ban on all other doctors————– IF ALL DOCTORS UNITE –STOP REFERRING CASES TO MD-RAD THEY WILL BECOME HUMBLE SOON

  3. @Dr anil
    With ur opinion it seems there is no need of any md or mch. After mbbs take a shortcut n start making money..
    Sir pls know d difference between a qualified doctor n …….

  4. user
    Dr Nitin Devendra Turaskar October 20, 2016, 12:56 pm

    Dr Anil
    I disagree with you doctor
    A surgeon.

  5. Today the usg is a basic tool nothing wrong if a mbbs[ after six months training] doctor do usg practice.

  6. I think there is nothing wrong if mbbs drs do usg practice. I am doing the same since 1987 after mbbs on 1982 and then training in 1986 from Mumbai. One MD Radio diagnosis colleague was also taking training with me.Two MD radio diagnosis students took usg training from me.lot of institutions were not usg facility in radio diagnosis depts forcing students to take training from other places. So if you say mbbs drs had no proper training, how can you justify the training of radiologists many of whom took the training not only from the same place from where mbbs drs had training but also many radiologists took training from mbbs drs itself

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