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Private Hospitals to pay Rs 20,000 minimum wage to nurses: Govt Committee

Private Hospitals to pay Rs 20,000 minimum wage to nurses: Govt Committee

Mumbai: Private Hospitals may soon have to pay Rs 20,000 per month as minimum wages to nurses. This comes after recommendations were given by a government appointed committee ,to look into the matter of better working conditions for nurses in private hospitals,

A committee pointing out the difference in payscale of nurses and doctors has recommended increased pay scale for nursing staff in all the private hospitals running in the country. The recommendation comes after the Supreme court directed the Centre to set up a committee to investigate the living conditions and salary structure of nurses employed in private hospitals and nursing homes.

It is a noted fact that the salary given to the nurses working in private hospitals is visibly less than what the nurses in government hospitals are earning.Moreover, the amount differs from state to state. Arun Kadam, executive president of Maharashtra State Nurses Association, while talking about private sector pay scale for nurses in Maharashtra told TOI, “Many in the private sector take home Rs 2,500-6,000 a month. Even housemaids get paid more.”

Even the committee has noted on the issue of salaries in the private sectior, “Their (nurses) pay and working conditions is really pathetic and some steps are required to be taken to uplift the standard of working conditions in respect of nurses.”

Following the same, the committee has now given some recommendations for improving the salary structure of nurses in private hospitals.

The new recommendation covers every healthcare facility—from stand-alone hospitals to tiny nursing homes to large chains and brands.

The recommendations are as follows:

  • Wages of nurses in hospitals with more than 200 beds should be on par with that of nurses in government hospitals in the respective states.
  • Wages of nurses in hospital with more than 100 beds should not be less than 10 percent of the salaries of nurses in corresponding government hospitals.
  • Wages of nurses in hospitals with 50-100 beds should not be less than 25 percent of the salaries of nurses in corresponding government hospitals.
  • In hospitals with less than 50 beds, the minimum wages of nurses should be fixed at Rs 20,000.

Work hours, transportation, medical facilities and accommodation too must be on a par with the facilities enjoyed by nurses in government hospitals,” the committee has also noted.

A legislation to this effect may soon come into force. Hindu adds that in a communication to the Chief Secretaries of all the States and Union Territories on September 20, the Union Ministry asked them to formulate the legislation and report back by October 20, 2016.

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  1. In our country sorry to say this but corruption is to the core, these corrupt people have started nsg schools which do not give adequate training. But there are some colleges who train their nurses so well that these nurses work only for two years in India n then fly abroad as they get the salary they deserve. And to all those people who have a problem with the hike in salary, truly how many of u can take care of \”ur\” sick bedridden parents \”forget others\” for a week. Next time u go to the hospital just sit on the chair and observe the nurses working and put urself in their shoes. Its very easy to criticize others. We don\’t want to degrade other professionals we only want our right. Thank u.

  2. What I\’m thinking is that people are so mean nowadays, the people who are asking for nurses education do they ever ask for doctors education, they are also having the fake degrees still they have enough salary. Even the people who assume nurses have fake degrees they don\’t know that nurse\’s has to renew their certificate every three or five years and for that an individual nurse has to acquire certain training classes. So, even if they are not trained enough they become trained but for doctors…..
    Still they are god and we nurses nothing
    Please if you don\’t praise don\’t abuse. Even the labour get 25k

  3. user
    Lakshmi Narayana October 21, 2016, 11:28 am

    In India qualification means nothing. As one can buy any degree for a price. Most of the nurses get their degrees even without attending a single class. The nursing exams are rigged. Consequently 90% don\’t know even basics. The 10% do deserve that minimum Rs.20k maybe even more. Still hospitals are being run with these half-baked professionals as some work hard and catch up and most hospitals put them through rigorous training before allowing them to regular duties. Now tell me do all of them really deserve that much?

  4. Hospitals should in fact charge them to train them to make them fit to work.All Nursing institutes are not same.People get good exposure and learn well in Government colleges with heavy work load. On the Contrary many private colleges specially in South India ,from where Nurses get their qualification (GNM,ANM,Bsc.Nursing),they have doubtful credibility.Freshers cannot do any work independently.They are not being trained enough.They haven\’t been exposed to practical work.So these people atleast donot deserve to get 20 k a starting salary. Only those registered Bsc Nursing( Not Diploma-GNM,ANM) graduates having more than 5 yrs experience do deserve this salary. It is not uncommon to see Nurses/OT Assistants with No nursing qualification at all in thousands of private hospitals. In Gujarat hundreds of spurious Nursing training centres have mushroomed everywhere giving some sort of Nursing assistant certificate course (3 month training) and they are employed as Nurses in most of the private hospitals.Do they deserve a 20 k starting salary? So Nurse is a vague term.First need to define the term properly and there is need to categorize them and accordingly minimum salary should be defined rationally.Even Registered Nurses are of many categories from BSc.Nursing, GNM and ANM.

  5. It\’s a pity to think that people in our country are so ignorant. Let me tell u that we have a nursing council and we have to register our certificates which has to be renewed every 3 yrs. Every hospital employ only registered nurses. U talk that nursing exams are rigged. What about all those qualified people who do all kinds of corrupt things and still live a decent life. We nurses work hard day and night, but unfortunately people don\’t see that and comment without thinking.

  6. Dear nurses 20th October went, and the result is……………
    That\’s the unity of nurses, cheer up nurses we have to stand up for our rights.

  7. Wat is…..??? It\’s high time we raise our voice n come together to do something for our rights. Nurses u r the backbone of every hospital don\’t give in so easily. Get together n meet the management n see that u guys r paid ur due.

  8. What is the report????

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