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Shocking: Senior doctors beaten up at Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road

Shocking: Senior doctors beaten up at Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road

Banglore: Repeated instances of violence against doctors is not just limited to government hospitals in the country, it seems. A recent instance of attack, shows that medical practitioners working with posh corporate hospitals are also at risk of being injured at the hands of angry attendants.

This recent instance of violence, has been reported from Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, where a Head of Pediatrics along with an entire team of ICU doctors, nurses as well as security guards were beaten up by the attendants of a 7 year old patient, who died after 12 hours after being admitted with viral fever.

The case goes back to Tuesday midnight, when a 7 year old girl, Samisha was admitted to the hospital with complaints of fever, headache and vomiting. During the course of admission, she developed convulsions and thereafter, arrhythmia. According the a statement by the hospital: “The child was in the hospital for about 14 hours during which the hospital provided all the requisite medical care by the doctors -from pediatrician and neurologist -and there was no shortfall in the entire care process… In spite of the due medical attention, the child could not be saved.”

Soon after the death of the child, a mob of 30 people allegedly barged into the hospital ICU  and assaulted doctors, nurses and security guards, while also damaging the hospital property.

Dr Ramakrishna Hegde (paediatrician), Dr Krishna Chaithanya (neurosurgeon), Dr Pramod K (senior resident), Dr Govindaiah Yatheesh, Dr Ananth Rao (biochemist), Dr Venkatesh H K (neuro-intensivist), along with two nurses and three security guards, suffered body blows, blunt injuries, nose bleeds, bruises and chin injuries on Wednesday at the hands of ‘miscreants’, reports Indian Express.

“Dr Hegde, who was the treating doctor, has a swollen and bruised chin. The security guard’s nose is broken and Dr Pramod has nose bleeds. This should not happen with any other doctor,” Govindaiah Yatheesh, medical superintendent of the hospital, said.

The attendants of the patient have alleged medical negligence on the part of the hospital. TOI reports said two cases have been registered by the police: one by the girl’s parents alleging medical negligence; and the second by the hospital for vandalism and assault on doctors.

CCTV footage of the incident on Wednesday and medical reports on the injuries suffered by the doctors have been collected for further investigation. The body of the child has been sent for autopsy.

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  1. user
    Dr.Roopsingh Parihar MS October 5, 2016, 6:08 pm

    Very Bad ,Violence Against Doctors & Staffs ,Every Body Must Understand That Doctors Did best but some condition Prognosis very Poor,even doctors die & his family members die in this condition ,Violence is not the solution,Press Media & Electronic Media Will spread this Message.

  2. 20 people are Actually amused, happy or indifferent towards those poor guys who worked 14 Hrs trying to save the child.
    A more thankless society is difficult to perceive!
    Amazing society!

  3. While the residents get the wrath of the attendants and consultants sitting in their AC offices not bothered ever which resident gets beaten up or get harassed by some politicians whose chamchas are the consultants , it\’s the perfect Karma and only these incidences can change the situation. Residents to saalo se pit rahe hai, kabhi kisi ko fark pada ?? Fark ab padega.

  4. just tried to tell some truth and instead of introspection n finding out the reason,,,the views coming forth just shows how much venom n poison,todays doctors carry inside themselves.Even som did not spare the god while giving his views.Some mentioned about terrorist n film qasab because my name looks like a muslim name.not able to tolerate criticism and on slight provocation raising swords n spitting venom,reaching up to god,place of worship and terrorist too.Amazing,,,,,,,,

  5. You have told the half truth…and still unable to understand what you told.
    Please read the following which has come in an international newspaper…
    A Portuguese man spent 43 years in a wheelchair because of a mistaken medical diagnosis, finally re-learning to walk only in his fifties, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

    When Rufino Borrego was 13, he was diagnosed by a Lisbon hospital as having incurable muscular dystrophy, the Jornal de Noticias reported.
    What is your reaction….you will beat them???

  6. @Mansoor Bakt

    Do u watch salman movies Kasab was a terroris n belong to a community so can i call everyone from that community ……. Bloody hypocrate never generalize anything Otherwise u will b generalized

  7. A female resident doctor on duty in Delhi\’s
    prestigious Lok Nayak Hospital (affiliated to MAMC)
    was beaten on duty and her clothes were torn
    apart by the patient\’s relatives at 10 pm on 18th
    september. The doctor\’s mistake was that she was
    examining a more serious patient and not the
    aggressive one. She was kicked in the stomach by
    the patient\’s husband, her neck held by the
    mother in law while the husband threatened to
    abduct & rape her. The policemen present over
    there along with private guards were mute
    spectators. When they were approached, they
    asked to call on 100 number and did not come to
    the doctor\’s rescue. when her colleague tried to
    go out to fetch some clothes for her, she was
    stopped by the relatives. Doctors from other
    departments were called and only after few male
    doctors gathered that the victim female doctor was
    rescued. The CMO on duty, Dr. Baasla, refused to
    file an institutional FIR. The medical
    superitendent of the hospital, Dr. Richa Diwan,
    was not reachable till about 12 hours of the
    incident when the resident doctors went on strike
    demanding that they are not ready to work under
    a constant threat of being beaten up or molested
    by patients or their relatives. Such security lapses
    are not happening for the first time. And every
    time we only get false assurances.
    Such an incident can\’t be taken lightly and we
    cannot wait for a rape to happen for our voices to
    be heard by the authorities.
    Unfortunately, the incident has not been reported
    in the main stream media till now.
    Read this Mr Mansoor

  8. It won\’t stop till the senior doctors are targeted. Residents ki kisko padi hain ??

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