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SHOCKING: Stroke Patients Being Given Ineffective Drugs: AIIMS

The National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, India, estimates 1.67 million stroke cases by 2015 and according to the AIIMS study over 8 lakh patients are being prescribed ineffective drugs

An alarming figure, and an equally alarming reason has been attributed in the recent study by AIIMS, which counts over 8 lakh patients being administered by ineffective drugs for stroke in North India. Bothe specialist and private hospitals are said to be associated with this study, with speculative reasons being that often the doctors miss particular medicines due to the constant pressure on them and also they forget about it. Also, lack of knowledge on part of the patients is being cited a major cause of concern.

As reported by IANS,

Citicoline, Piracetam, and Edaravone are the three drugs being prescribed to the stroke patients over the years in spite of the directions from the medical bodies against prescribing them as they have been found non-effective in stroke patients.

The two-year study of the medicines being prescribed to the stroke patients also revealed that medicine such as blood pressure lowering agents – statins, and anti-platelet agents which were found being actually effective were not.

Source: IANS
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