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Health Ministry tells MCI to establish MD-DNB equivalence, delete 3year JR-ship

Health Ministry tells MCI to establish MD-DNB equivalence, delete 3year JR-ship

New Delhi: Taking Cognisance of the issue of equivalence of the MD- DNB degrees for the purpose of medical academia,  the Health ministry has now  directed the MCI to amend its TEQ regulations, deleting 3 year junior residency and specifically mentioning DNB along with MD/MS in the academic qualifications for various faculty posts.

Medical Dialogues team was the first to report that MCI with its amendment of Teachers Eligibility qualifications (TEQ) regulations had spelt major difficulties for candidates who pass out their DNBs from institutes that are not MCI recognised medical colleges ( namely the large hospitals which offer DNB courses). With the said amendment, ,a DNB degree holder from a non-MCI recognised institute would require 3 years of junior residency and 2 years of Senior residency, to be eligible for a teaching post of assistant professor, implying a clear 5 years of additional service if they dream to have a career in Medical Academia.

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The move created ripples in the Medical Profession who criticised the  move stating that on one hand, to meet the acute shortage of faculty the government is considering increasing the retirement age of medical faculty from 70 to 75 years and has also revised the faculty student ratio in medical colleges, yet it is imposing restrictions and limitations on an army of readily available qualified physicians that can possibly join medical academia and ease pressure on the medical education system

The move caused the NBE officials rush to the health ministry as well as PMO in order to seek relief. Medical Dialogues with the access of the records of health ministry on the issue reported that records clearly showed that the matter of MD-DNB equivalence was raised by the ministry before the approval and in the meeting dated 26/05/2017,  all parties concerned including the council agreed on DNB equivalence as per the notification dated 30/06/2012 and only after that acceptance was given and approval was sanctioned amendment to TEQ rules. This was followed by hordes of DNB candidates, furiously writing to the health ministry, NBE as well as others concerned seeking relief in the matter.

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Now, a clarification has been issued by Shri Amit Biswas, Under Secretary to the Govt of India, who has acknowledged that the issue of DNB qualification and its equivalence was received in the Health Ministry through no other than Prime Minister Office.

The clarification  further goes on take to take cognisance that vide the amendment notification dated 05/06/2017 in the TEQ regulations, the conditions of 3 year experience as Junior resident in recognised medical college in the concerned subject as a prior requirement for the post of Assistant professor has been included.

Defining its stand on the amendments, the Health ministry informed that it has asked the MCI to remove the three year JR requirement and also deal with the issue of DNB- MD equivalence

“A DO dates 27/07/2017 from Joint Secretary has been issued requesting MCI to provide this Ministry an amendment proposal in TEQ regulations deleting 3 year junior residency and specifically mention DNB along with MD/MS in the academic qualifications for various faculty posts. The matter is being pursued by with MCI and a decision will be taken on receipt of their recommendation.”

Speaking to Medical Dialogues team, Dr Alexander Thomas, President Association National Board Accredited Institutions (ANBAI) said, ” Over the last few months there has been considerable concern and anxiety among the NBE specialist community in the Country. This has resulted from a few Government notifications which caused confusion regarding parity of MCI and NBE degrees. ANBAI and NBE followed this matter with the Ministry and were assured that the GO of 2012 was the law of the land.The matter was also followed with the PMO.”


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  1. user
    sithanthaseelan October 4, 2017, 9:23 am

    Unnecessary segregation of workforce just to satisfy a few of us who feel threatened by the changing times. Standardisation of speciality across the country under one assessing board is the future and correct way to do things. If anything we should request the MCI to stop issuing md/ms courses with local most often corrupt and illegal examination practices and be replaced by a nationwide standardised exit exam with repeat evaluation exams every 5 years to keep abreast with the changing times

  2. user
    Dr. Dharmendra Kumar September 3, 2017, 3:14 pm

    MD and DNB canot be a equivalence. A board which is not awarding a Basic Medical Qualification , how can award a Doctoral and Post Doctoral qualification. Mere to fulfill the dream to enter in Medical academia for few candidates these steps should not be taken by MCI. Few years back this type of circular was issued by MCI which were later withdrawn. How a candidate obtaining these fake degrees from a Non teaching hospital not recognized by MCI can get entry in medical academia. Hand on training is only not required in Medical academia.

  3. I don\’t know you are living in which part of the world! I dare you to pass dnb exam theory and practical in one go..I have seen both MD and dnb conditions. Both have flaws. Even MD s are given in fake colleges. To take your arguments one by post graduate and post doctoral colleges in India don\’t have a undergraduate course ( PGIMER Chandigarh, SGPGI (Lucknow)). Most MD/MS students are sure of passing, so they hardly read in the first and second years. DNB on the other hand has to read for the fear of failing. NEET is taking exams for both MD/MS and DNB. Also students are taken my merit cum choice counselling. So I think you need to wake up….Tring Tring!

  4. DNB is taken and MD is given. Many Teaching Medical colleges are ill equipped and don\’t have basic infrastructures. Many Medical Colleges are just permitted by MCI

  5. user
    Dr. Dashmesh Singh September 10, 2017, 3:03 pm

    DNB candidates are working and taking degree in well equipped private multispeciality hospitals whereas MD candiates are working in govt colleges where most of them lack CT scans , infrastructure and specilaists . Most of the patients are reffered to tertiary care from govt medical colleges or private mulitispecilaity hospitals ( with DNB ). MD candidates dont stand a chance in front of DNB candiates unless they have done their MD from a tertiery care centre like PGIE/ AIIMS / DELHI.

    The govt has no right to cnosder DNB not equivalent to MD . Infact the knowldege and expertise of MD/MS cnadiates is far lower than DNB candidates.

  6. user
    Ashwani kumar gupta September 21, 2017, 4:25 pm

    DNB candidate is at least five times more knowledgeable than MD/MS candidate

  7. user
    Dr A k gupta MS(oph) September 21, 2017, 4:23 pm

    DNB candidate is at least five times more knowledgeable than md/ ms candidate

  8. Dont post any comment,if you are not aware of the basic things.Either MD or DNB in broad speciality,it is always after 5.5 yrs of MBBS which is the basic medical qualification for PG. I thinks it is now clear to you.Private medical colleges can give fake paid degrees,not the National Board.

  9. M D or M S is given by a univrsity not by any college . If u say degree given by a university is fake then ur MBBS is also fake. I know hospitals where pple getting training for DNB. Those hospitals cannot be compared to a hospital attached to a medical college what ever may be the situation. DNB fellows are procedure oriented .

  10. Your logic is flawed dr dharmendra kumar
    1. So many private/govt hospitals that offer MD/MS do not offer basic qualification MBBS and are not teaching institutes or medical colleges in the true sense. Yet they are allowed to hold pg courses. What great teaching experience do the pgs of these institutes get, when there are no ugs to teach? Do they teach one another?

    2. DNB is not a \”fake\” degree as you say, it is a degree awarded by the NBE under the purview of the Ministry of health and family welfare. It is a national board qualification akin to those awarded in by various national boards of certification in the US. Board certified certainly has more value than that of a university degree from some lesser known deemed university which gets MCI recognition after paying crores in bribe money to the MCI inspectors.

  11. user
    DR SUBRATA LAHIRI September 3, 2017, 2:57 pm

    We have seen the quality of MD from different institutes these days. It is immaterial whether one does or DNB it depends on the individuals and the place of training. There are institutes in the country who run a DM cardiology programme only on ECG. The students were not exposed to Cath labs during training and in some places DNB cardiology programme is as per international standards with high degree of exposure.

  12. user
    Dr Mayukh Chattopadhyay September 3, 2017, 10:29 am

    Talk of excellence but make sure merit gets crushed under mediocrity , DNB from big nursing homes are same as PG degrees from autonomous institutes and other advanced countries , every government pays lip service to everything related to health , India should be awarded for insulting its educated so consistently ,MCI should oppose this tooth and nail.

  13. Govt should not involve in professional and ethical issues. If the govt does not know difference between an university degree and board certified course what a shame . DNB was created to make more specialists not teachers. M C I should not budge for these pressure tactics. Simple logic should prevail, ie DNB is awarded for hospital trainees nothing to do with MCI.Now why they should be equivalentto a degree awarded by a university . M C I should stick to its stand .

  14. It is not a board certified course every body know.People dont want to admit it. Clear yourself first.