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MCI knocks DNBs out of academia

MCI knocks DNBs out of academia

New Delhi: Diplomate of National Boards (DNB) degree holders will find themselves at loss in looking for a teaching post and perusing academics because of the implications of the recent MCI Notification of June 5, 2017 that defines the candidates qualification for the post of senior resident/  Assistant professor in medical colleges across India.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported through a gazette notification dated June 5, 2017, MCI was seen amending Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations, 1998 calling the new regulations as “Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions (Amendment) Regulations, 2017. Through the said notice, new rules on the eligibility as well as promotion of medical college teachers were defined

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As per the rules, there is a straight forward hierarchy in the field of medical education, that initiated from the point of senior residency, going up till professorship. The notice while on one hand has brought relaxation to many, it has spelt out major difficulties for those who pass out their DNBs from institutes that are not MCI recognised medical colleges ( namely the large hospitals which offer DNB courses) Such students may find it extremely difficult to join academia with the current scenario.

The Legalities.

The Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations, 1998 spell out the minimum requirements for DNB pass outs to pursue a career in medical education. These can be divided into DNB pasts from MCI recognised institutes and those who pass out from institutes other than the MCI recognised Medical Colleges/ Central Institutes. The regulations for the two can be summarised as follows

  • For the candidates processing DNB Qualification from MCI recognized medical colleges/central institutes where there are no MD/MS courses running. The minimal qualifications are – “Three years teaching experience in the subject in a recognized medical college either during the DNB course or after possessing DNB qualification. The concerned candidate would also require one year of additional teaching/research experience in the concerned subject in a recognized medical college after obtaining DNB qualification.
  • For the candidates possessing DNB qualification from Centers other than of MCI recognized medical colleges/central institutes.the minimal qualification are- Three years teaching experience in the subject either during the DNB course or after possessing DNB qualification. The concerned candidate would require two years additional teaching experience as Sr. Resident/Research Associate (CSIR) in a MCI recognized medical college/central institute” to become eligible for becoming an Assistant Professor in an MCI recognized institute.”

Its clear, that those who pass out from private hospitals which are not recognised by MCI as medical colleges would have to additionally do two years of Senior Residency to be eligible for post of Assistant Professorship.

The problem for such DNB pass outs does not end there. Rules for Senior Residency states that DNB degree holders they can join as a senior resident only when they have passed out for MCI recognized medical college/ Central institute.  If they have passed DNB degree from a non MCI recognized medical college/ institute they have to do 3 years of Junior residency to join as a senior resident to be further eligible for a teaching post of assistant professor.

Considering the above scenario, a DNB degree holder from a non-MCI recognised institute shall require 3 years of junior residency and 2 years of Senior residency, to be eligible for a teaching post of assistant professor, implying a clear 5 years of additional service if they dream to have a career in Medical Academia.


While the legalities make it difficult for DNB pass outs from non MCI recognised institutes to pursue a career in academia, this decision likely affects a large number of degree holders who have pursued the DNB course based on the government declaration that DNB degree is equivalent to MD/MS degree for all practical purposes.

It also brings to light a serious bottleneck in the country’s efforts to address the shortage of doctors. To address the rising and pinching shortage of medical practitioners, government has announced a series of measures including adding 5000 PG seats this year primarily by revising the teacher student ratio at medical colleges, thus putting pressure on existing medical faculty. However, at the same time, the government is imposing restrictions and limitations on an army of readily available qualified physicians that can possibly join medical academia and ease pressure in addressing this major issue of shortage of medical practitioners in the country.

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  1. Aise bakwas chalate hi rahenge MCI is full of controvrrsies and ambiguities; a study of which can give you a prestigious PhD awsrd in medical education

  2. I left out dnd paediatrics because there is no facility of NICU and PICU…

  3. I need ur help..can i contact u plz??

  4. Whoever made these rules, is for sure an idiot or a maniac……. Who does not sense of academia of any kind…..

    And who wants to go a medical college….. We can anyways do a sound practice

  5. it is very difficult to pass dnb examination. i know many md guys who took 2 attempts to clear dnb !! after they cleared their md in 1st attempt on sweet will of their hod\’s. a good dnb hospital with latest equipment and pt volume is any day better than lousy govt medical college where nothing happens other than grand standing , nepotism and negativity. what we require in india is BOARD system their should be board for all subjects , manned by subject xperts who will devise q paper and teaching module. irrespective of your institution you have to pass this board xam to get certified. this will level the field and stop the home ground advantage enjoyed by md guys.

  6. UR jam jam . DNB courses R run in nursing homes not even in hospitals . DNB is jam jam .

  7. excellent decision my the MCI BODY as these days you get DNB FOR Neurosurgery from lousy Hospitals and Nursing Homes this is indeed a very great /good decision or else imagine people like us who worked all our lives to become a Neurosurgeon or a Neurologist or CTS/Cardiologist and some bum who could influence the lousy HOSP/NURSINGHOMES and get such a degree and we have to compete with such bums every where

  8. Enter your comment here…and what about those who r buying pg degrees of MD/Ms from private colleges n becoming academician.DNB is far better than those.