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MCI urged to review Stand on Signing of Lab Reports

MCI urged to review Stand on Signing of Lab Reports

The National M.Sc. Medical Teachers’ Association (NMMTA) requested the Medical Council of India (MCI) to review its notification which clarified that only MBBS doctor can sign lab reports.

As per the MCI’s notification the candidates having M.Sc with PhD or PhD in medical microbiology, medical biochemistry, life sciences, applied biology, cytogenetics and biotechnology are not eligible for singing lab reports.

“The recent letter written by the Medical Council of India (MCI) to the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) regarding eligibility to sign diagnostic laboratory reports has not gone down well with the biomedical scientists possessing medical M.Sc. degree,” NMMTA President Sridhar Rao said.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that the Medical council of India through the said letter to NABL had communicated its decision of its on the issue of who is eligible as a signatory authority for medical laboratory reports. The MCI had stated its decision as, “All lab reports to be signed/countersigned by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Council, ” which implied that MBBS can sign lab reports, but not Medical Msc/PhDs.

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The move has not gone well with the NMMTA, which has shown strong opposition to the MCI decision.The M.Sc. Medical Teachers’ Association was seem mentioning the country’s dilemma of shortage of doctors, as a result the MCI’s decision will disturb the country’s work process.

Currently, the document 112 of NABL provides authorized signatory roles for medical M.Sc. degree holders in the disciplines of microbiology and biochemistry.

“Apparently, under the pressure from non-clinical doctors, the NABL was pressurized to exclude non-doctors from this role. The NABL sought the MCI’s opinion. After a delay of nearly three years, the MCI replied that all lab reports should be signed/counter-signed by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Councils,” Rao said.

He said this is in “stark contrast” to its previous stand.

“In 2005, the members of the Ad hoc Committee appointed by the Supreme Court and of the Executive Committee of the MCI had approved the decision of the Ethics Committee that M.Sc. (Medical Biochemistry) is entitled to independently sign a medical biochemistry report in a clinical laboratory,” he said.

The National M.Sc. Medical Teachers’ Association will meet  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Health Minister J.P. Nadda to “convince them the importance of biomedical scientists in the diagnostic laboratories”.

Source: with inputs from IANS
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  1. It is agreeable that MSc cannot sign diagnostic reports but they can sign it as analysis done by. But for PhD this is wrong as they are highly knowledgable and have studied Genetics or biochemistry or microbiology for nearly 10 yrs. Not only this they are instrumental in bringing many new diagnostic test, understanding disease pathology, teaching medical students, writing reserach papers and writing books on the subject. While on other side medical person like MBBS or even MD do not understand anything of genetic analysis nor its process. How can a person not knowing what he is signing can sign the diagnostic reports? MCI should review this urgently instead of passing unilateral decision.

  2. ok all the commands are ok, with out msc, or dmlt the lab can run, or release proper reports tell me the big bosses, ok the processing will be done by technicians or students the signing from the doctor means may be the report will correct?. this decision is i think fun, the ruler mus analyse the basic practical procedures, and who will important for the lab, and who will able to give the proper reports in particular each and every departments, for example in pathology labs means pathologists or correct, like biochemistry means biochemists only right, microbiology means microbiologists only right, like that way rule must be created this is only proper way. if the government thinks biochemistry means MCI registered biochemistry doctors only sign means first of i like to ask one question, all the universities work under the goverment only, why the grant commision will give the permission to run the biochemistry sylabus in arts college?, if the grant commision decision is right means government must give one order to MCI , the peoples who are studied in science college for the medical department course, or relevant subjects must give approval to them also in MCI. i think this is the proper way, otherwise this rule is complete sales packge decision for doctors. while the ruler once analysis properly and make rule means thats good, then only able to stop the medical money bushiness.

  3. user
    Sridhar Kesireddy July 8, 2017, 12:22 pm

    The actual, active and potential work force who handle 80-90% of the calibrations, procedures and protocols involve in lab tests are being forgotten and ignored. Importance is given only for the token signatories (Who do not regularly involve in the bench work and procedures) in the name of ensuring and improving quality out put. Our nation is backward in R & D just because of such policies.

  4. An MBBS studies more than 20 subjects including big and small during their course. An Msc PhD does 3 basic science subjects in Msc and chooses one topic to do their PhD. Most of the time is spent in politics and buttering.( I am not saying all but most) Their knowledge base is very limited in comparison to an MBBS. It\’s the Msc PhD lobbies which have notoriously called them equal. Shame on you ignorant people. How are you comparing apple and oranges ? You are not even qualified to register with MCI. An in the past all the Msc PhD who have signed reports resulting in false interpretation or death of patients should be charged with medical negligence and be punished for exercising undue authority. It\’s a scam which has been running for years.

  5. seriously?…do you know that an MSc studies medical biochemistry for 3 years which is a specialization and an MBBS studies biochemistry only in his first year and that too basics only. Please you go and see what an MBBS course curriculum is and then come here and make useless comments. and please dont give wrong datas to mislead people…an MSc-PhD scholar has more than enough qualifications to sign medical reports , more than enough knowledge to contribute to the betterment of the society, so dont undervalue the efforts that these MSc -Phd scholars are doing. that\’s it, hope you understand.

  6. MSc PhD should dedicate their time in doing valuble research and contributing to the country rather than arguing about signing reports. They have brought down the standards of laboratory practice as they don\’t understand the value of lab report. It\’s just a document which gives them some authority and feel good effect. They are creating barriers in taking the laboratory medicine to the next level by having limited knowledge, narrow vision and greater authority. All these Msc PhD lobbies have always tried to grab authority and undermine the seriousness of laboratory medicine. Authority has been transferred in right hands of MD\’s in Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Microbiology. This must be shock to the Msc PhD lobbies who have been feeding corrupt politicians and beaurocrates to undermine the standards of medicine. Concentrate on research and contribute something. This is what you have been trained in.

  7. Dear Raghav…
    An your confession says MScs and PhDs developed the diagnostics field to this level, which far far better than 50 years ago.They studied researched , discovered new tests and taught you people previously. Designed the standards like NABL 112, ISOs, . Now you says they should leave from lab field. Great sir.

    what about an MBBS sign in Path reports or bio or micro or immuno reports without a benchwork knowledge.If they are eligible why you people studied MD in non clinical subjects.Pretty Ridiculous.

  8. A person who does MBBS is already a physician. People take up pre and para clinical subjects out of interest because they can see the value of it after going through 15-20 subjects of medicine. The whole perspective changes ones you have lot of knowledge and awareness. You may not be able to appreciate this unfortunately.Times have changed. You should change your outdated mind set which arises due to inadequate and very limited knowledge about medicine. All of you could not get into medicine so you try a different route. That shows your frustration. PhD with limited knowledge are preventing integration of medicine which is the future of medicine. Please get involved in doing active research for which you have been trained. MBBS curriculum can be changed suitably in future in order to make students more capable.
    Physicians hesitate to take your opinion as you have very limited knowledge of medicine. This hampers a lot of fruitful interaction. If you open your mind and come out of your illusions state of superiority complex, you will some day understand. Just because you quack quack like a duck…it does not mean you are a duck.
    Technicians do most of the job in the lab..quality control is not rocket science. Come down from your ivory towers and stop feeling too important. Shallow thinkers.

  9. dear sir, we are not thinking top, your the peoples only think to swallow the medical field in your control, any budy tell me how many of you seen urine routine tests with out machine, motion tests with out machines, are how many of you run regular caliberation in the early morning sedule, nothing you can do it, how to process the sample with out auto analyser?, any knowledge about colorimeter? nothing you can not known , but you want signing authority, who will clever and who will think to swallow thw medical field, this is one of the pure stupid argument, you peoples first learn or try to give proper recoganisation for your paramedical colligues, ok. this rule is pure one sided judgement.

  10. The physicians prefer taking my opinion rather than the MDs in my working place she cant even identify bacteria wat will she interpret and report. MD pathologists dont even know the colour of basic stains. They give their stamps to the peripheral labs where testing and reporting is done by technicians who give them a monthly payment for their name n signature. I feel you dont get enough patients to see in your OPD or whichever field you specialise in so you have all the time for troubling others and poking your nose. You fill up your pockets with the cuts and commissions from the labs where you send investigations uselessly n extract as much as you can from patients. My dear sit back and publish some papers instead if you have done any genuine MD thesis n if its not a copy paste. Add to the medical literature. You are noone to decide anybodies potential and calibre and give instructions to them that what they should do. In that case i will give u a suggestion to join politics because free people fit there better. We have protected many of your coworkers from the clutches of police as they have been cuaght selling blood units from blood bank to the locals for their livelihood. If we had not saved them the colleges approval would be at stake and so would be the future of some 600 MBBS students. Dont speak of ethics, doesnt suit you. If you are a genuinely educated person and well brought up your thoughts and manner of speech should be refined unfortunately you are quacking like a duck. Live and let live

  11. Miss Lekha,

    I can appreciate your frustration and your art of argument where, easily you can declare yourself as the savior of this world and medical profession. If only you had known how much of work it takes to study and crack a MBBS seat, how difficult it is to crack a PG seat. All this effort of a person, you wash away with your silly argument by quoting few villains in the field of medicine and proclaiming all the people who study 3 subjects in Msc and spend 3 years on researching on just ONE TOPIC to get a PhD. ( By the way I have come across many Phd\’s who buy their degrees as its not MCI regulated and frankly no one cares) are HOLY cows and the world would stop without some of those who unnecessarily feel too important. I wish you will educate your children well, help them crack an MBBS entrance and then realize, what is the difference between an MBBS and PhD. All those people who were running illegal businesses by signing reports, the easy money which came out of being less qualified, will all stop now. It will hurt the crooks, but it\’s for greater good.
    Calm down and think before maligning others. There are few rotten apples in medicine profession. Rest of them are hard working people. Unfortunately you are working with compromised people. If you are so honest , why don\’t you report such people and stand on the side of good. Let me guess, you are working with them so that you get the responsibility and feel more important.
    If you are so honest and rituous report those doing wrong and find a different colleague. It\’s a pity that you haven\’t met great doctors to actually understand what it means to be one.

  12. What Raghav. Very Pathetic..?

  13. At least you admit that there are villians in the medical profession who walk off with brief cases full of money while giving approvals to medical colleges and bringing out candidates like you who have all the free time. As for my children i dont need ur instructions as to how i hv to bring them up and wat career they would opt. By the way i have passed out from the most prestigious medical institutes be it south or north, have many international publications, with the most prestigeous people whose chapters and books you must have read. I have even contributed to some of those as editor and devised special staining techniques which were done for the fist time in the country. So you dont bother about me. I never came across such comments from the people i worked with because they were real educated people who realised the importance of research and everybody in the working community.Given a choice i would like to speak with your gaurdians and request them to send you back to preschool once again and educate you to speak in public and specially with females. And yes you are correct i should have sent the reporters and police to the people cuaght red handed but held myself back considering the goodwill of the college. I dont need to show that i am superior to anyone i know myself and i dont need to prove myself to a crook like you (sorry! m not used to using such language but if you call me so you give me the right to lash back at you too) By the way i should at this moment intimate the female police to get hold of you too for being indecent publically to a female. At least they will teach you the lesson which u cudnt get in your forming years at school and it will be enough to make your chattering mouth shut. And it should be intimated to your wife too so that she teaches you to speak properly in public when it comes to females (again if you will pass personal comments as in for my children etc you wont be able to stop me from doing the same) . By the way be careful the next time your bell rings you may see some female in a khaki ready to teach you some good lessons and educate you to speak publically with females……. Tring tring ……..And with this i put an end to my replies to you as i dont have time to waste i have to go for reporting patients are waiting for the reports………tring tring be careful…..and yes try to be more constructive in life this is the only advice that i can give you. Life is short so spend time wid your family and leave some good memories in the world instead of taking curses on your head. And yes plz let your children enjoy life and dont ever educate them to be a doctor n spend so many years in studying so many subjects (who asked you to do so u cud hv spent time knowing the world around you and linking with people more from the heart than just seeing them as money bags in ur clinic) else there will be few more frustated personalities in the community because we pass on to younger generations what we are. If we are well mannered and good we sow the seeds of a good civilization. U get my point Mr. ……… Tring tring 😀

  14. I would never hire a PhD myself or even let my friends know about this and make sure none of them ever enter my institutions.
    Some people have less brains and longer toungue. Congratulations!

  15. Scared ???? Hire a PhD??? U speak as if u are the creator and know how much grey matter u put into each and everyone 😀 Spend ur life trying to check out how much was instilled into u first… MSc PhDs do da bench work means they are practical they just dont hv longer tongues their hands also enlarge while doing the practicals n standardizing things 👊👊