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Only MBBS can sign lab reports, Msc Cannot: MCI

Only MBBS can sign lab reports, Msc Cannot: MCI

New Delhi: In a decision that is in all likeliness going to change the dynamics of the laboratory medicine across the country, a recent MCI notification was seen clarifying that All lab reports to be signed/countersigned by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Council, thus implying that only MBBS doctors would be allowed to sign lab reports while Medical Msc/ PhD, medical lab technicians  cannot.

In a letter addressed to the Director, National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories ( NABL), the Medical council of India was recently seen communicating the decision of its Executive Committee on the issues raised by the said organisation.

In Particular, the NABL had written to the council seeking its stand on the following issues

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  • Whether the M. Sc with Ph D candidates who as a matter of fact are not registered with MCI are eligible to sign medical laboratory reports?
  • Can persons holding MBBS degree registered with MCI/State Medical Council sign the medical test reports?
  • Can PhD (Medical Microbiology, Medical Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Applied Biology, Cytogenetics, Biotechnology) in relevant discipline be allowed to sign medical test reports? If not, can the same be allowed if they are co-authorized with a person registered with MCI/State Medical Council?

The council responding to the queries raised by NABL, stated that the above matter was considered by the Ethics Committee at its several meetings & lastly on 6th & 7th February, 2017. The decision of the Ethics Committee was placed before the Executive Committee for approval on 11.04.2017.

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Communicating the decision of the executive committee, MCI noted

It was decided by the Executive Committee that “All lab reports to be signed/countersigned by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Council.”

As the notice has been worded, two implications can be clearly drawn from the order

  1. MBBS can sign/countersign Lab reports- Qualified MBBS practitioner, by virtue of his/her registration with the MCI/State Medical Council, would be now allowed to sign lab reports.
  2. Medical Msc/ PH.D and technicians cannot sign lab reports- Since these practitioners are not registered with the MCI/state Medical council, they would NOT be allowed to sign lab reports


The decision by the Ethical and Executive of Medical Council of India has changed the practicing paradigm of laboratory medicine. Till now, in thousands of laboratories across the country, Msc ; PhD  and those MBBS doctors with three years of experience were allowed to sign report as authorized signatories With this latest decision, MBBS qualification is enough to practice laboratory medicine, but those having an Msc/PhD stand at a disadvantage.

A Similar decision has been taken by the Delhi High court allowing MBBS doctors to practice ultrasound.

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Attached is the notice below

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  1. I can get the answer
    Since starting MSC medical persons will teach MBBS the students come under him the students are capable but teacher is not ?
    If we take example of Europe developed country we will found the important of PhD and master degree
    Simple think is that all MSC medical course must closed
    Even lab Tec and assist courses should stop
    No one than MBBS can come under profession of medic and paramedic
    Even the
    Phamd the act 1948/2015 should removed
    For comunity pharmacy also MBBS will eligible
    I thing nobody should go no one education in related faculty also
    Let\’s MBBS to do each and every post from nursing pharmacy to medical
    Or Tec and nursing also

    Why students taking admission in such courses
    Let\’s stop to inter in such course
    Or request to search a job in other faculty
    As why
    PCI DCI are not circulating such type of issue
    As PCI having task force like drug inspector Assist drug inspector drug com
    Evevn for such post MBBS are eligible
    The pharmacology means absolute branch of pharmacy as first ward also indicate phrma -cology which also englough by MBBS

  2. What the the personnel who has a Doctorate specially LABORATORY MEDICINE? the sole purpose of their study and research is dedicated for Laboratory techniques. I condemn the decision and request the concerned authorities that at least allow the people who holds phd in Laboratory Medicine and registered candidates of MD/DM.

  3. what a pathetic state!!!!How can a MBBS graduate or Msc/phD be eligible to sign and validate pathology , biochemistry and microbiology reports, only MD with respective specialty with massive clinical and subject knowledge should be declared as a authorized signatory. Though MBBS graduates have patient exposure they dont learn these subjects in depth during under graduation, on other hand Msc/phD with zero clinical and patient exposure signing lab reports is extremely unethical practice, if Medical Msc can sign then soon technicians, who are also serving lab for years, can also demand for authorized signatory. for comparison can a OT nurse become operating surgeon just because she is assisting for last 20 years. For a QUALITY medical lab service, MD in appropriate specialty should be made authorized signatory!

  4. In that case how can the doctor be sure of all 10000 reports generated by a lab ? is he a computer to correct auto mistakes?? I have seen MD signing reports on the empty sheet before the printing of the matter and the matter is typed by a non clinical person not even a MSc ??? what do you say and further there are many MSc\’s doing fine in renowned institues in other countries . Just because of some ego clashes and insecurity feelings the MD have created a havock regarding this issue.

  5. The medical course did not spring into existence suddenly it was a well thought descision to increase the manpower for laboratory practices. All over the world PhD. are the signatory authorities.Rules are continuously being modified to enable us to be used as \’disposable\’ or \’expendable\’ commodities.This cannot go on . Goverment must intervene and ask MCI to revert the order.


  7. Can 5400 MD pathologist be able to do investigation of the whole country,if yes than mci should see that all primary health center should have pathologist,than go on to close labs run by PhD, technician etc .

  8. now its more easy and cheap to hire a MBBS for pathology rather than hiring a pathologist, their are many mbbs students passed out from nepal ……..and many dr khatpatiya . plz dont mind

  9. Medical MSc is course is aimed at training graduates in theoretical as well as practical knowledge of subjects like Medical Microbiology and Medical Biochemistry. The Medical MSc PGs are awarded their degrees under faculty of medicine in Medical Universities and are capable and competent to be authorized signatories in Medical laboratories. They have been doing so for years now, what has changed now that prompted MCI to take such a decision??? This just puts jobs of thousands of capable people at stake and their whole life in jeopardy.

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