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10 years bond service or Rs 2 crore Penalty for Super-Speciality doctors in TN

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10 years bond service or Rs 2 crore Penalty for Super-Speciality doctors in TN

Tamil Nadu: Super-speciality aspirants joining courses at Government medical college in Tamil Nadu will have to now promise a bond service for a whooping 10 years. Moreover, failure to carry out the agreement service will bring a massive penalty of Rs 2 crore.

The bond service and corresponding penalty was brought to light by a letter written by the Dean, Madras Medical College to all the stakeholders including HODs, MSs of allied institutions with copies being sent to Vice Principal, Administrative officer,Junior Administrative Officers and Wardens at Madras Medical College.

The letter through reference to the Prospectus of Higher speciality (DM/McH) courses for 2017-18 session, states that all the higher speciality service and non-service  candidates are instructed to submit the agreement bond.

As per the prospectus, all selected candidates to higher specially courses, at the time of joining should execute a bond for a sum of Rs 2 (two) crores to the government, with the undertaking that they would serve the government till the date of superannuation in the case of service candidates and not less than 10 years in the posting issued by government in case of non-service candidates, with three sureties. Two sureties should be from the Tamil Nadu Medical Service in the same or higher rank of the candidate. Pan Numbers of the three sureties should be published.

Hence all Heads of the Departments are instructed to candidates to submit the agreement bond in triplicate, ( one green bond in original and two sets of Xerox copies) on or before 30.11.2017 without fail in order to enable this office to claim the stipend.

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Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that despite and extension given by Supreme court for mop-up counselling, in the month of October, 2017 Madras Medical College (MMC), still had no takers for its 30 super speciality courses; though they were accessible to PG doctors all across the country. These included about 14 seats from cardiothoracic surgery and eight in paediatric surgery as well as in fields of neurosurgery, neurology, hepatology, and neonatology.

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  1. The surety clause is discriminatory and regressive particularly for economically disadvantage class of students , it is against social justice . Iam sure it is the work of I A S fellows who know nothing of medical services .

  2. Instead of fee for service all consultants should be paid salary for number hours for having utilized services after some retainrship both in private and govt hospitals. Extra renumeration should be paid in case of emergencies and services rendered after hospital hours . Why specialists in govt hosptals should not be paid adequately for complex procedures and for extra hours , this wil reduce the disparity between govt and private consultants and keeps the consultants attractive for govt service.

  3. This scheme will certainly have few takers It will help the private medical colleges to charge more
    Dialogue between the student union and college authorities will help resolve the issue Surely many a seat will have no takersand will this rule apply for BC SC ST canditates Not all people are rich to give a bank guarantee form the amount and it beyond a friend to stand a surety May be courts will help resolve the issue

  4. Ms Meghna
    Your article is incomplete. One of the key point missed out is the need for 3 Sureity for 2 crores each to be furnished by the candidate effectively ensuring only billionaires can apply for the course.

  5. It is just a tactic to demotivate out of state candidates to take these seats through NEET -SS.

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