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175 Private Medical Colleges to get a Second Chance at approvals

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175 Private Medical Colleges to get a Second Chance at approvals

New Delhi: Thanks to the decision of newly appointed committee appointed by the Supreme Court to oversee the functioning of MCI, around 175 private medical colleges, who had been denied approval this year would get a second chance to try for the same.

The three member committee, headed by retired Chief Justice, Justice Lodha is reported to have granted amnesty to these medical colleges,  and have given them a chance to submit their representations to the health ministry by June 22, 2016. To expedite the same, the ministry will help by setting up separate counters where colleges would be submitting their fresh applications. These applications would then be forwarded to MCI, which will make its recommendations after due consideration to the ministry.  TOI reports that the final call for approval or disapproval will be taken up by the committee.

Sources have however clarified that decision will not be applicable to those private medical colleges which were rejected for the lack of giving satisfactory documents at the initial stage.

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The process is targeted to be completed in 45 days.  The extra time and opportunity to the medical colleges comes in the light of recent concerns regarding the functioning at MCI.

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Medical Dialogues team had reported earlier that this year Union Health Ministry had turned down proposals for setting up of around 83 medical colleges based on recommendations of Medical Council of India (MCI). The Ministry has also denied permissions to 47 medical colleges in various states to expand their intake of MBBS students during the 2016-17 batch. At the same time, the Ministry as per recommendations of India’s medical regulator has denied permission to increase or start various superspeciality courses in 39 such medical institutions for the year 2016-17

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  1. There has to be a serious look at the quality of Physicians being produced from these for money colleges..

  2. Don’t dump MEDICAL COLLEGE in an limited area, let it based on the population. eg for every million population one college. A place like Pondicherry & Mangalore having more than 5 colleges , looks meaning less. There should restrictions for allowing new medical colleges in southern states and ASWEL in Maharashtra. It should be encouraged in States where the number of colleges are less eg bimaru individual or group or SOCIETY should not be given More than a college eg vinayaka Medical mission has 3 to 4 colleges, similarly Manipal has 3 . It is against the principles of Natural justice, antisocial . -Sab ka Sat -Sab vikas. GIVE opportunity to other states also. Lost but not the list…….The number of Government COLLEGES SHOULD be equal or more than the private colleges. If you want promote private colleges Let there be a entry for the foreign universities ALSO. I am in quality in American and European WILL beat our private colleges and when it comes cost/ price Chinese will provide the same for less than half price. One more thing let there be a screening test every one passing out from All the colleges. Dood ka Dood , pani ka pani. One country one rule. No MISS rule. Those who pass out from government colleges had to work for the Government. Because Government spends millions of Rupees to make them the Doctors. If someone thinks He or she has money and Talant let them study in the best of universities of the world. It is unfair to run away after getting free degrees at the cost of Tax PAYER’S MONEY and acquiring skills from poor patients and not SERVING them is also a sin / crime. I am good number of people after reading my views will be unhappy with Me. I can’t help it. One person could be happy with me could be Arvind kegeriwal. Bear with me for my mistakes, it is extempore……..

  3. One govt med college is given permission this year when that medical college had 70% faculty and 40% resident and had no Dean yet joined at time of inspection ,,,some Pvt colleges refused just because one resident is not wearing his ID card. Is this justified ,,,by Mci

  4. It s ok to give 2nd chanceto pvt medical colleges butthere should not be deficiency more than5percent

  5. No need to start new medical colleges in india.. Already we are in excess.. Please dont do business from medical colleges and dont do business from health.. We are going to give our lives to unqualified people.. The cream of the society should study the medicine,because they are going to deal with human lifes.. Adminstratory people shound recognise this.. If really need more doctors why dont u start medical colleges in govt sector..

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