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2 Doctors suspended for three months for lending names to Unqualified Medical Practitioners

2 Doctors suspended for three months for lending names to Unqualified Medical Practitioners

Chennai:  The practice of lending their name boards, prescription pads, and offices to unqualified medical practitioners or “quacks” has made 2 doctors to face stringent action from Tamil Nadu Medical Council in two different cases. The two doctors have been suspended for a period of three months each as disciplinary action from the council

The state medical council has issued show cause notices to a number of doctors involved in lending names to the unqualified and unrecognized degree holders.

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported about the two cases, where one doctor was found lending his prescription pads to a quack, while another, a radiologist, was found permitting a homoeopath to conduct ultrasounds in his absence.  Both were caught by theTenkasi joint director Dr P K Elangovan who had forwarded the complaint to the council

One case concerned radiologist Dr Kulandaivelu, working at Suham Scan centre. In his complaint to the council, the Dr Elangovan alleged that the radiologist was allowing a homoeopathy practitioner to do ultrasounds in his absence, while all the reports were to the state health department were sent in the radiologist’s name, the homoeopath was performing the said ultrasounds and signing the reports in her name. Several other violations of the PC-PNDT Act were also found the centre was raided by joint director Dr Elangovan.

During the hearing on the matter, Dr Kulandaivelu justified to the council that the said homoeopath had completed a course in sonography at the Bharathidasan University and was hence permitted to do ultrasound scans at the centre.

In the other case, one Dr Sivakumar faced heat after it was found that he was working in a clinic run by a quack, one Aburaj and at the same time lending his board as well as his prescription pads to the quack for practice. The department officials caught the quack red handed prescribing the Sivakumar’s name and filed a complaint.

Dr Sivakumar in his defence informed the council, that he worked at the quack’s clinic on Sundays and was not even aware that his name and pad was being misused by the quack

It is reported that the disciplinary committee recommended a 3 months suspension to the state Medical Council. In its recent meeting, the general upheld the decision

In a conversation with Medical dialogues, Dr K Senthil, president of Tamil Nadu Medical Council informed, “Both the doctors were into unethical practices. They are awarded with a suspension of three months each after the meeting held today in this regard.”

An inquiry team led by Deputy Superintendent Thomas Prabhakaran found that the doctors are paid at least Rs 25,000 a month in return of lending their names to these quacks.


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  1. The joint director Dr.elangovan few weeks suspended. More than 40 doctors complaint against joint director Dr.elangovan. don\’t know why the joint director taken action 2 doctors. Good only knows….. some reason is there!!!!! Everywhere corruption

  2. And u idiot medical council allow quacks to practice and do nothing legal against them ,,,and u blame doctors

  3. Only three months???.It gives inspiration to other doctors to lend their names for a hefty 25000 to 40000 per month.,Not a bad incentive!!! If caught, that too after a number of years, they will happily accept a small reward of only three months suspension!!. Medical councils of states should suspend such doctors atleast for three years do that others will not indulge in such activities
    Nagaraja Davangere

  4. Most of the pgts in govt hospital are performing surgeries in absence of chief surgeon.

  5. what about those who go and operate in rmp setups.