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4500 additional MBBS seats this year: MCI to Union Health Ministry

4500 additional MBBS seats this year: MCI to Union Health Ministry

New Delhi:  For the first time in the country, the medical education sector has amplified by 4500 MBBS seats in just one year, shows the data issued by the apex Medical Council of India (MCI).

In an official communiqué to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), the Board of Governors in supersession of MCI (MCI BoG) has submitted the data entailing the number of approvals given this year to medical colleges along with the consents to increase MBBS seats corresponding to the implementation of EWS quota.

Medical Dialogues has been extensively reporting about the rise in medical seats this year as well as the implementation of EWS quota.

Earlier this year, on January 9, the Parliament had passed the Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill 2019 to help the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) of Indian society.  Considering the bill, it was decided that all educational institutions including ones in the medical field, will offer the EWS quota in the General Category.

To put 10 per cent of the newly introduced quota into action, the Medical institutions had been directed to increase MBBS seats at their institutes so the other categories won’t get affected.

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Now providing information about all the steps that it had taken to produce more doctors in the country, the MCI submitted its overall data to the Union Health Ministry. Now, the policy move is going to lead to an addition of 4500 MBBS seats reports the New Indian Express

The apex medical council apprised the Ministry that it had approved 37 new medical colleges and has increased MBBS seats at many of the existing medical colleges along with other medical colleges which will receive the boost in MBBS pool; making the total of additional seats for this year to 4500.

“The significant rise in the number of MBBS seats is also due to many medical colleges offering more seats under the new Economically Weaker Section quota and the relaxed rules that allow colleges to increase their student uptake,” a ministry official informed TNIE.

With the new medical colleges added from this academic session, the number of medical colleges in the country has gone up to 529. As against 69,712 seats available for MBBS in the previous session, those qualifying in the NEET this year have better prospects of admissions that have gone up to 74,215, as per the report by The Free Press Journal

Accordingly, Uttar Pradesh will be the biggest beneficiary as 7,102 students will get into MBBS this year in the state as against 6,499 last year, an increase of 603 seats. The number of medical colleges has increased from 48 to 55. This will be followed by Gujarat, where there is an increase of 600 MBBS seats.

In Bihar, there will be an increase of 150 MBBS seats each. Delhi has 1,100 MBBS seats, but there will be no increase. Similarly, there has been no increase in Jharkhand, where there are 350 seats. Uttarakhand, on the other hand, will lose 150 MBBS seats as MCI approval was withdrawn in one medical college there, reports Sunday Guardian live.

Besides, the Health Ministry has also proposed to convert 75 district hospitals into medical colleges in the third phase of a scheme which aims at boosting the availability of the human resource for the health sector in the coming times.

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  1. What a joke, seats has been increased in those medical colleges,which already are struggling hard to fulfill norms for existing seats,as in Punjab,so to accomodate less metrious candidates in the form of QUOTA,the quality of medical education in these institutions will not be compromised or we are concerned only with quantity and not quality,and if the this was feasible ,then they would have increased already,and what is the need of all the inspection and so on ,or mere eye wash,and then private colleges should be allowed. It seems that medical education is heading toward deterioration,all the proposal like percentile system,opening of medical colleges at distt Hospital will deteriorate it further

  2. In Bihar no seat are increasing since 7 years what is joking to the medical college in bihar

  3. user
    DrA V RAVI KUMAR June 20, 2019, 2:00 pm

    The government should also provide employment opportunities and improve facilities in rural areas and should be willing to spend more money on health care. Simply increasing MBBS seats is of no use.

  4. user
    Dr Postgraduate NRI June 20, 2019, 12:32 pm

    Implement the decision of BOG to allow foreign postgraduates to get specialist registration by allowing them to sit in DNB speciality/ superspeciality examinations . We need specialists and super specialists .

  5. user
    Dr SURENDER BHARDWAJ June 20, 2019, 12:14 pm

    🙏🌹🏥एमबीबीएस/बीडीएस 🏥🌹🙏

    अपने देश हिंदुस्तान में एमबीबीएस डॉक्टरों की कमी को दूर करने के लिए सरकार ने कुछ बड़े फैसले लेने चाहिए। देश में मेडिकल की पढ़ाई के लिये सरकारी और प्राईवेट मेडिकल कॉलेजों में बहुत ज्यादा मारा-मारी है, जिसकी वजह से डॉक्टरी की पढ़ाई के लिए लोग अपने बच्चों को दुसरे अन्य देशों के मेडिकल कॉलेजों में दाखिला दिलवाते हैं तथा अपने देश के नागरिकों द्वारा करोड़ों रुपया अन्य देशों में जा रहा हैं। अगर हमारे देश की सरकार चाहें तो यह करोड़ों-अरबों रूपया अपने देश में ही रखा जा सकता हैं जैसे:-

    1. केंद्रीय स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय ने उन मेडिकल कॉलेजों में एमबीबीएस कोर्स के लिए 50 फीसदी सीटें बढ़ाने की मंजूरी देनी चाहिएं जिनकी स्थापना के 5 साल पूरे हो चुके हैं।

    2. बीडीएस के कोर्स के बाद दो वर्ष का अतिरिक्त मेडिसिन से सम्बंधित एमबीबीएस का पाठ्यक्रम शामिल करके अतिरिक्त पढ़ाया जाना चाहिए ताकि ये डॉक्टर दांतों की बीमारियों के ईलाज करने साथ-साथ शरीर की अन्य बीमारियों का भी ईलाज कर सकेंगे। इस प्रक्रिया करने से:
    – एक तो गाँव और शहरों में डॉक्टरों की कमी दूर होगी।
    – दूसरा एमबीबीएस के लिए मारा-मारी भी खत्म होगी।
    – तीसरा बीडीएस कोर्स की तरफ बच्चों का रूझान बढ़ेगा।
    – चौथा मां-बाप को मजबूरन अपने बच्चों को दुसरे अन्य देशों में भेजना नहीं पडेंगे।
    – पांचवां अपने देश के नागरिकों का करोड़ों रुपया अपने देश में ही रहेगा।

    मुझे उम्मीद है कि सरकार बच्चों के उज्जवल भविष्य और देश के नागरिकों के अच्छे स्वास्थ्य के हित में उचित निर्णय लेने की कृपया करेंगे।