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476 Medical colleges in India, 52,646 MBBS Admissions done in 2017-18: NHP

476 Medical colleges in India, 52,646 MBBS Admissions done in 2017-18: NHP
New Delhi: Health infrastructure is an important indicator for understanding the health care delivery provisions and welfare mechanism in a country. The recently released National Health Profile 2018 (NHP)-2018 prepared by the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI) and released by the Union Health Minister, has summarised the healthcare infrastructure in the country.
The document divides health Health infrastructure into educational infrastructure and service infrastructure. Educational infrastructure provides details of medical colleges, students admitted to M.B.B.S. course, post graduate degree/diploma in medical and dental colleges, admissions to BDS & MDS courses, AYUSH Ins tutes, nursing courses and paramedical courses. Service infrastructure in health includes details of allopathic hospitals, hospital beds, Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathy hospitals, sub centers, PHC, CHC, blood banks, eye banks, and mental hospitals. Important observations revealed by the NHP 2018 include
  • Medical education infrastructures in the country have shown rapid growth during the last 26 years. The country has 476 medical colleges, 313 Dental Colleges for BDS & 249 Dental Colleges for MDS. There has been a total admission of 52,646 in 462 Medical Colleges and 27,060 in BDS and 6,233 in MDS during 2017-18
  •  India has 3,215 Institutions producing 1,29,926 General Nurse Midwives annually and 777 colleges for Pharmacy (Diploma) with an intake capacity of 46795 as on 31st October, 2017
  •  There are 23,582 hospitals having 7,10,761 beds in the country. 19,810 hospitals are in rural area with 2,79,588 beds and 3,772 hospital are in Urban area with 43,1,173 beds
  •  Medical care facili es under AYUSH by management status i.e. dispensaries & hospitals are 27,698 and 3,943 respec vely as on 1.4.2017.
  •  Health-care is the right of every individual. 60% of popula on of India is rural popula on. A majority of 700 million people lives in rural areas and to cater their health needs, there are 1,56,231 Sub Centres, 25,650 Primary Health Centres and 5,624 Community Health Centres in India as on 31st March 2017 .
  •  Total no. of licensed Blood Banks in the Country as on June, 2017 is 2903.
  •  The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) was started under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 1954 with the objec ve of providing comprehensive medical care facili es to Central Government employees, pensioners and their dependents residing in CGHS covered ci es. At present, CGHS has health facili es in 37 ci es having 287 Allopathic Dispensaries and 85 AYUSH Dispensaries in the Country with 10,82,913 registered cards/ families.
  •  Public insurance companies had a higher share of coverage and premium for all types of health insurance policies, except family oater policies including individual policies.
  •  Compared to countries that have either Universal Health Coverage or moving towards it, India’s per capita public spending on health is low.
State/UTwise List of Medical Colleges in India with their Admission Capacity,No.of Beds attached in the Hospital
Sno State No Of Medical Colleges MBBS Seats NO of Beds attached to Medical college
1 Andaman And Nicobar Islands 1 100 460
2 Andhra pradesh 31 4450 20410
3 Assam 6 726 5653
4 Bihar 13 1350 7167
5 Chandigarh 1 100 NA
6 Chattisgarh 10 950 5139
7 Delhi 9 1050 9471
8 Goa 1 150 1152
9 Gujrat 24 3830 16375
10 Haryana 11 1000 4223
11 Himachal Pradesh 6 650 2028
12 Jammu and Kashmir 4 500 5595
13 Jharkhand 3 300 2514
14 Karnataka 57 8695 42656
15 Kerala 34 3450 22307
16 Madhya Pradesh 19 2100 13164
17 Maharashtra 50 6970 NA
18 Manipur 2 200 NA
19 Meghalaya 1 50 NA
20 Odisha 10 1350 6922
21 Puducherry 9 1400 7630
22 Punjab 8 1125 6470
23 Rajasthan 17 2400 15061
24 Sikkim 1 50 650
25 Tamil Nadu 49 6400 38741
26 Telangana 25 3200 13693
27 Tripura 2 200 1195
28 Uttar Pradesh 47 5124 25065
29 Uttarakhand 7 900 3300
30 West Bengal 18 2300 16108
31 Total 476 61070 293149

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  1. There are lots of dental colleges, academies and institutes. I also know the dental academy in Delhi which is provide the best dental courses in Delhi, India.

  2. The government should also declare how many of these college are owned by politicians

  3. the number of colleges in an area/city/state shall be in commensurate with the number of population. Every medical college/hospital shall be equipped with all necessary instruments and infrastructure. ALl the citizens shouldbe covered by compulsory medical insurance who in turn will get free treatment handled by insurance companies. There should be a clear annual budget report of total expenditure vs income of these teaching hospitals and accordingly fees shall be charged from the students

  4. user
    Pradeep Varshney June 25, 2018, 9:58 am

    Govt must not compromise on competence under reservation policy. The state of govinstitutions is pathetic and increase is collapsing. They must reduce the fee gP by reducing subsidy and keep strict control on fee of private colleges. After paying high fee in private colleges , doctors wud naturally become traders. With this year\’s MBBS fee going to 1.5 cr in private colleges, substandard 33%neet scorers wud only be taking admissions who have strong financial covering. In ten yrs from now country wud be full of ecstasy or sub competent docs all over. God save my men .

  5. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan June 25, 2018, 9:48 am