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700 District Hospitals to compete for NITI Aayog Ranking

700 District Hospitals to compete for NITI Aayog Ranking

NEW DELHI: Niti Aayog is all set to instill sense of healthy competition amoungst 700 district hospitals across the country. As a policy, the Aayog along with the health ministry has launched a composite index-Health of our Hospitals- in order to rank the performance of government hospitals.

A report in TOI states that using the index, the Aayog will track the performance of the hospitals based on their performance on various health indicators, which will also include feedback of patients.  The index was recently launched by  Niti Aayog vice chairman Arvind Panagariya adds the daily.

“The framework for ranking district hospitals, with focus on achieving key health outcomes, is expected to foster a competitive spirit amongst them. It will also foster a culture of cooperation by way of sharing of good practices,” said an official.

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He further told TOI, “It will also help identify facilities which need focus and those that need to be incentivised by the states.”

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The main reasoning behind the move has been cited as the fact that despite large funds being allocated to hospitals towards secondary care of the patients, yet there is no way to judge their performance of these units based on measurable health outcomes

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  1. Similar project was undertaken by NHSRC for ISO accreditation of district hospitals in EAG states. That need to be used as a stepping stone. Otherwise all the resources put in this project will not be worth and we will again put in a lot of resources for the NITI aayog rankings.

  2. user
    Dr kaushik shah April 9, 2017, 10:55 am

    If developed well, the district hospital has enough workload to sustain all post graduate branches of medicine and surgery. If an individual post graduate can start his own hospital and survive and flourish, why every branch cannot be developed at district hospital? District hospital can then work as a teaching center for almost all paramedical staff. It can also function as a small medical college catering 20 to 40 medical students and one seat for post graduate in each major branch. It is already being done as part of D.Nb programme at medium size private hospital. It will provide much needed doctors in society.

  3. It is a good start by NITI Ayog so that every thing is accountable.This effort should be on a continuous basis

  4. It is one of the best move of \’\’ CHANGE \” because allready enough have been targeted for infrastructure development,manpower development,increase of institutional delivery,increase of OPD/IPD ,but real outcome must be measured against ME may be under NQAS following ideas of NITI Aayog\’s directive. But there should not be any false reporting or any bias reporting for which Community Monitoring along with stakeholders cooperation will help to fill up the gaps in a definite time bound period at least to start with for District Hospital .

  5. user
    Ashok Deorari MD FAMS April 9, 2017, 9:18 am

    Excellent idea by NITI Aayog . Urgent need in the country is to build capacity of programme managers and leaders managing these District Hospitals to look at data ( valid ) , interpret and make improvements by making feasible changes for better patient experience/satisfaction to care .These cannot be done at Nodal Centres but has to be empowered to locals ( states or Districts ) . @ashokaiims

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