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AIIMS Opens counter for VIP Patients

AIIMS Opens counter for VIP Patients

New Delhi: The “VIPs” and the patients referred by the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Union Health Minister J P Nadda and “VIP references” from Members of Parliament can now escape long queues at AIIMS, with the hospital administration setting up a separate counter for such people.

The definition of VIPs, however, will be determined by the AIIMS Director, Deputy Director Administration (DDA), Medical Superintendent and Senior Financial Advisor besides the officer on special duty (OSD) to the Union Health Minister.

The move has drawn ire of the Faculty Association of AIIMS (FAIIMS) which saw it as the administration’s “brazen attempt” to promote VIP culture in the premier institute.j

The practice was prevalent even before and was being dealt by the Media and Protocol division, but not in such an open manner, claimed a senior doctor at AIIMS.

“However, it came to the notice of the administration that there was an abuse of power as there were allegations of money being exchanged for expediting the registration of general patients in the division,” the doctor alleged.

The new counter has been set up at the Rajkumari Amritkaur OPD building.

“This new counter will cater exclusively to the patients recommended by the OSD to President AIIMS and Health Minister and VIP references from members of Parliament after being duly forwarded by the authority in AIIMS they have been marked to,” read the notice issued recently.

The move has drawn wide criticism among the faculty members.

“The administration is encouraging VIP culture in government institutes like AIIMS where patients have to wait for hours to consult a doctor. This is simply not acceptable.

“What about the poor patients who come from far-flung areas as the OPD registration counter closes by 11 AM after which they are not even allowed in the OPD premises to see a doctor,” said Dr Nand Kumar, General Secretary of FAIIMS.

At present, AIIMS witnesses an overwhelming footfall of around 11,000 patients across all OPDs in a day.

Source: PTI
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  1. user
    DR SURINDER KUMAR March 13, 2017, 1:06 am

    In army hospitals(ECHS) there is no discrjmination between jawans and officers THEN WHY THIS VIPISM IN AIIMS?

  2. user
    dr surinder kumar March 13, 2017, 12:51 am

    Shame on government and MOH,

  3. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 12, 2017, 2:54 pm

    Don\’t create further problems for all ready suffering patients coming from far-flung places that too for the OPD visits only . The patients coming from far of places should get proper referral letters with prior appointment. Other wise they will be wasting their time and money and even get frustrated by getting same antibiotics and antiinflammatory Medicines of their respective home town\’s. I DON\’T think AIIMS has any wonder Drugs specially prepared in their own pharmacy???. I see a Mad crowds visiting AIIMS from different regions of Northern States. As if DOCTORS and Hospitals of other states are useless. Why can\’t they provide same or similar treatment in their respective home States. This is clear indication DISCRIMINATION or Substandard Health care provided to people of Northern States of our country. I DON\’T think any body from the southern states even think about visiting AIIMS. The standard HEALTH CARE should be the Same when it comes AIIMS, BIMS or CIMS etc. Other wise it should be considered as ACT of discrimination against OWN country man. About The VIP ? For that matter starting from peon to president who are getting Government benifts should be treated in GOVERNMENT Hospitals , then only the standard of HOSPITALS can improve. In earlier days ie before the venturing of the so called Hi-tech or CORPORATE Hospitals every One ,whether the VIP or the word Attender used get same treatment And that from same Hospital. Unfortunately the so called corporate hospitals are Damaging the reputation of the Government HOSPITALS. I STRONGLY suspect Nexus between the Corporate Hospitals , Politicians and the Beurocrates. That is reason for the down fall of the Government Teaching MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITALS. If the Government thinks it cannot compete with private sector . Let them handover Railways, Road transport and even police to the PVT companies. Or to make the Health insurance compulsory starting the BPL card holders to the IPL superstars. And peon to the president , so that they can choose the Hospital or Doctors of their choice.

  4. In private hospitals, we are happy not to deal with the politicians or so-called VIPs.

  5. These rogue politicians will demolish all the sacred institutions of India.