Local anesthesia allows prompt recovery in Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery: Study

Published On 2021-07-30 03:30 GMT   |   Update On 2021-07-30 03:30 GMT

Local anesthesia is a reliable and effective anesthetic technique with quick post-operative recovery for pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, suggests a study published in the Neurourology and Urodynamics.

The decision on the appropriate type of anesthesia for pelvic floor repair depends on a variety of factors including patients' age, performance status, comorbidities, cost-effectiveness and personal preferences.


A group of researchers from the University of Athens, "Alexandra" Hospital, Athens, Greece, conducted a study to review the available literature on urogynecological procedures performed under local anesthesia (LA).

The researchers searched four electronic databases for articles published up to May 2020. Studies reporting outcomes of women who underwent pelvic floor reconstructive surgery under local anesthesia with or without sedation were considered included. In total 19 studies (14 noncomparative and 5 comparatives), including 1626 cases of urogynecological procedures under LA were recruited.


The results of the study are as follows:

· Meta-analysis revealed significantly lower mean pain scores in Local anesthesia group compared to general-regional anesthesia one.

· Pain scores at more than 24 hours did not differ among the two groups.

· Intra- and postoperatively morphine use was not different among patients who received Local anesthesia and General Anesthesia during prolapse surgery while nausea rates were significantly lower in Local anesthesia group compared to General Anesthesia group 8 hours postoperatively.


The researchers concluded that Local anesthesia with or without sedation represents a safe and efficient alternative anesthetic technique for urogynecological procedures with improved pain scores in up to 18 hours postoperatively especially in patients who underwent surgery for stress urinary incontinence. Local anesthesia is feasible and could be offered to patients undergoing pelvic floor surgery allowing a prompt postoperative recovery.



A study titled, "Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery under local anesthesia: A systematic review and meta-analysis" by Zacharakis D published in the Neurourology and Urodynamics.


Article Source : Neurourology and Urodynamics

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