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Apollo Group head, Preetha Reddy admits to lapses in healthcare delivery

Apollo Group head, Preetha Reddy admits to lapses in healthcare delivery

Kolkata:  At a time when Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in the city is under the scanner for alleged medical negligence and malpractices, Apollo Groups managing director Preetha Reddy admitted to lapses in the hospitals healthcare delivery in the last few months.

Reddy told reporters after a meeting with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at the state secretariat that the level of care had indeed deteriorated in the last one and a half months.

“Apollo has treated nine million people from West Bengal and in the last one and a half months the level of care was not what it had been,” she said.

Reddy said, “We stand for quality, we are committed to quality… Sometimes the system does not adhere to that level of quality and anybody has to correct it… We have a whole team which is going to be able to do that.”

Reddy also hailed the chief ministers initiative to set up the West Bengal Health Regulatory Commission, saying all hospitals have to meet what the CM wants.

“The CM has set up a commission… She was extremely gracious and pointed out certain parts which I think all hospitals have to meet … parents have to be treated well, patients coming to emergency have to be given the treatment and the level of care they need,” she said.

She further said that the tariffs of the hospital also needed to be rationalised.

Describing the meeting with Banerjee, who is also the state health minister as a “good one-hour meeting with a lot of ideas and exchanges”, Reddy said that the hospital would continue serving the people from the state with “affordable, accessible and best possible care”.

She said, “We should do whatever we can to see highest quality of tertiary health care for the people of West Bengal.”

Discounting speculation of leaving the state, she said, “I assure the people of West Bengal that Apollo is here and we are committed to caring, we are committed to compassionate care and we will do whatever is possible to see people are treated with love, compassion.”

Source: PTI
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  1. It is scary to go to a the so called corporate hospitals. Instead of improving the facilities in public hospitals govt neglects them. Corporate hospitals must stop functioning they must handed over to the govt

  2. Pestering pestering and pestering how long ? These hospital owners / representatives have no courage to present their side well, so that the CM be having remorse for what behavior and attitude she presented towards doctors and people in private health sector . Parsing a mad CM does not make much of all this fuss.

  3. It\’s great tragedy this all business is doing in the name of public service with international standards in a country where more than fifty peasant population is still below poverty line…and it\’s only because of few business houses has change it from basic health care service to health care industry for their personal gain.

  4. Dear Ali, it is not 4 few business houses but rapacious politicians who owns the private medical colleges exclusively (almost). It should be duty of government to provide free education, health care and basic infrastructure like roads, communication, water supply, electricity and power supply. etc. After 70 odd years of so called independence, Indian people have become even worst slaves of home grown colonizer politicians who r d biggest mafias. Try to strike at d root of issue. How can you expect any private sector to provide any service without profiteering motto? Place yourself in d place and think. If u have different view, I challenge you, \”Why not take d cue instead of sermonizing others\”?

  5. Today life is a business for many the corporate sectors made it more in sophisticated fashion, The corporate philosophy to make millions and build empires, it is certainly a mismatch in a country like india, People attracted by the structure and equipment available, Doctors are counted by the income generated , a consultation may be just 500 Rs and the investigations are more than 10,000 rupees for even simple cases , it means they do unnecessary investigations the Doctors who write unnecessary MRI CT and PET get a good kick backs, coming to realities, it is a marketing with few names of doctors, are famous, and certainly many are junks and inefficient survive in the name of the Hospitals, We have many great doctors in the Government Hospitals there is no encouragement in a system which is corrupted, by many reasons and leave to corporate hospitals, I wish CM i will encourage the public service with credibility, Health in a corporate sector is a big business more show than substance Dr.T.V.Rao MD

  6. Sorry Doc to differ with your cursory observation. I dont know your doctorate qualification in which subject. If u r a medical graduate in human sciences, it is even more lamenting. Kindly stop making such passing views public otherwise lasity is certainly ready to put blame on medical profession. Everyday we r seeing public outrage against hospitals and doctors, \”Who should v blame for\”? If anything, major private medical colleges are colonised by rapacious politiciabns and are dens of money making industry. Can you make some observation on it? I\’m a senior teacher and know d quality of medical product coming out. Nothing to talk of but nobody raises eyebrows. Can government institutionalise medical education and nationalise the entire health care delivery system? If not, why blame private hospitals? It is a shame.

  7. Firstly rates are decided by management i.e. Preetha Reddy & her team . Secondly she can\’t blame Doctors for deterioration in health care delivery as she is the one who has started the trend of incentives to healthcare providers depending upon the quantum of profit one generates. Her statement is surprising