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Arrest Striking Doctors : Rajasthan HC gives free hand To State Government

Jaipur: The strike for medical practitioners turned ugly for doctors in the state, after the high court today one again reprimanded the striking doctors warning them with arrest on the failure of any settlement with the government.

Despite being a public holiday on account of Christmas, the high court opened its gates, just to hear the petition on doctors strike filed by advocate Abhinav Sharma, which blamed the doctors for the suffering of the patients in the state. The lawyer further submitted that despite high court orders directing the end of the strike, doctors continued to abstain from work .

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It is reported that striking government doctors in Rajasthan continued to abstain from work for the ninth consecutive day affecting healthcare services in the state. Aiming to break the deadlock, the state health department had invited striking doctors for talks. But the agitating doctors did not turn up.

Now today with the HC hearing, doctors were at the receiving end of the wrath of the bench, which further directed the two presidents of doctors association – Dr Ajay Chaudhary and Durga Shanker – should be arrested if no agreement happens between doctors and the government.

The division bench of Rajasthan High Court headed by Chief Justice Pradeep Nand Rajong and D C somani also allowed the state government to apprehend the doctors under the law and even under the Rajasthan Maintenance of Essential Services act 1970.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that in-service government doctors went on an indefinite strike on December 16 against the arrest of some of their fellow doctors under the Rajathan Essential Services Maintenance Act (RESMA). The act was invoked after the doctors threatened that they would go on strike.As many as 86 doctors had been arrested before the high court. On December 19 HC directed the agitating doctors to resume their duties and assured them that no doctor would be arrested.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan Medical Teachers Association (RMTCA) secretary Dr Dhananjay Agrawal said they will wear black armbands on arms to lodge their protest and demand that the government amicably resolve the issue. The striking doctors of the state have also found support from doctors associations across the country, which have condemned the arrest of doctor like criminals. AIIMS RDA even wrote a letter the PM asking him to work like a doctor for one day to understand their plight

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  1. To strike is a fundamental right of everyone in Indian democracy under our Constitution. If Court has ruled so to arrest doctors for strike, it can only be classed as judicial activism and despicable. It must be resisted fully.

  2. Be united don’t budge to pressure tactic of government media or public

  3. There is resma against doctors
    Court are aginst strike of doctor
    Now in democracy if demands are genuine and not fulfilled where doctors should go
    It means you can not raise your voice work under dictatorships of beurocrats
    If you choose to become doctor in India work as slaves

  4. Only the best brains in the country become doctors. Those who could not get into Medicine or Engg, take other profession(lawyers, advocates etc). This hatred towards doctors seems to stem from the fact that these people could not become doctors and hence want to take revenge on doctors by taking away their rights, forcing work, meagre pay and violence at work place.

    Why is ESMA act not applicable to lawyers?? is justice not important? they should also be brought into purview of this act and not allowed to strike. only then these people will understand

  5. This is not the way you handle Brain workers. You have to have a motivated brain to do even reasonable quality work, what to talk of excellent work !!