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AYUSH Practitioners should not be called Doctors, but Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Hakim etc: Parliamentary Committee

AYUSH Practitioners should not be called Doctors, but Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Hakim etc: Parliamentary Committee

New Delhi: While the much-debated National Medical Commission to replace the existing Medical Council of India was tabled in the parliament in the month of December 2017 and then sent to committee for review on the basis of objections raised by the medical community, another report was simultaneously tabled before the Lok Sabha which issued a number of recommendations on the Medical Education and Health Care in the Country

In the Month of December 2017, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, M.P. and Chairperson, Committee on Estimates (2017-18) presented to the Lok Sabha, the Twenty-third Report of the Committee on Estimates (Sixteenth Lok Sabha) on the Subject ‘Medical Education and Health Care in the Country’ pertaining to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Department of Health and Family Welfare).

Many recommendations were cited by the committee, with one important one being on the Differentiated nomenclature for AYUSH practitioners. The committee has stressed that it is absolutely necessary that AYUSH practitioners do not use the title of “doctor” which is synonymous with modern allopathic systems, but rather use the appropriate titles such as Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Hakim etc

Taking note of the fact that in general practice the practitioners of traditional systems of medicine under AYUSH use the title ‘Doctor’ instead of using traditional yet most appropriate titles prescribed for practice of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, the Committee have emphasized that it is absolutely necessary that practitioners of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, etc. use the appropriate titles of Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Vaidya Kaviraj, Vaidya Shiromani, Ayurvedacharya, Piyushpani, Hakim instead of using title ‘doctor’ as the latter is synonymous with modern Allopathic medicine; and recommended coordination among the Ministries of Health and Family Welfare,  AYUSH, Medical Council of India and Central Council of Indian Medicine to work upon the idea of using differentiated nomenclature for practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine viz. Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, etc.

Estimates Committee is a Parliamentary Committee in India consisting of 30 members, elected every year by the lower chamber of the Parliament – Lok Sabha – from amongst its Members, to examine the budget estimates of the Union Government.

The Estimates committee  has powers to  examine the Budget Estimates and  (a) to report what economies, improvements in organisation, efficiency or administrative reform, consistent with the policy underlying the estimates, may be effected; (b) to suggest alternative policies in order to bring about efficiency and economy in administration; (c) to examine whether the money is well laid out within the limits of the policy implied in the estimates; and (d) to suggest the form in which the estimates shall be presented to Parliament.

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  1. Indian traditional medical system have to follow their own heritage. modern medicine from west they must be called as doctors. why AYUSH hesitate in their own identity ? each system of medicine has its own limitations.

  2. I don\’t know any thing about ayurvedha , but I have seen reports of of gharba (womb ) shuddhikaran or Sanskar something like that , now I wnt know what Itis alabout. I also heard pple saying ayush can cure all diseases including cancer. When is that research happened and where it is reported . If they cannot prove honorable ayush members keep your mouth SHUT. This is for public safety , I have right to question.

  3. Reddy watch your tongue . Why are you spoiling your time here beating about the bush eh? Why dont you write a novel instead because you and your thoughts either they need a big big knowledge about the facts to be called as facts or they are simply thoughts and a collection of them be described as a novel?
    BTW, we guys keep stethoscope to hear heart beats. Take my words, get them challenged in a court if you have that thing inside. Either be a \”MAN\” or just bunk it and stop writing what you dont take responsibility of.

    Another lady below says ayurvedacharya hakims etc is a matter of pride for ayush docs and doctor is a tag for allopaths….
    Get yourself a new tag the way you people got your logo and settle down with it. The word doctor has a meaning and this word is what a layman understands about a profession. Nobody uses sanskrit or urdu as a lingo nomore and our sciences date back to when people didnt know english at all, sanskrit and urdu were the languages then. Today, be it hindi , people say doctor, be it english and people call it as doctor owing to a profession and not a pathy. Adopt a new word for yourselves and be it from any language (current/dead) and stay out would be a solution. Allopathy doesn\’t mean a pathy that has right over Acheivements of science or words coming from a language like english..
    Let me conclude here, legally you people can never acheive what you tend to acheive and legally is where it shall end.. its not a handful amount of people you guys are talking about, i would also recommend you to brush your knowledge and be extremely careful while writing over internet because it might make you confront us in courts. Your statements and specially the ones coming from some Reddy from random pages , they are enough to tell that you guys are literates but uneducated. I read this guy write \”im scared of monkeys with stethoscopes\” somewhere.. then why not stop carrying one dude…..??

  4. Mr quackery is rampant in our country. What ru doing to abolish , if you have beating heart file cases against these quacks who call themselves as doctors and use all types of tricks . If every one gives injections and use stethoscope with out qualification what you calthem. It is the responsibility of every citizen to raise objections to illegal medical practices

  5. Ayush(ayurvedic )practionars are facing
    many problems in their practice life.lack of, lack of good quality medicine, limitation of practice fields, having proper knowledge to manage an emergency ,ayush physician legally can\’t do it.most of them are this type of insecure professional course should be stopped.

  6. Govt will take correct decision but I think there should be control over Ayush colleges , in each district there is college of Ayush spoiling Life of many Ayush students there is no job guarantee IMA should think about that