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AYUSH Practitioners should not be called Doctors, but Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Hakim etc: Parliamentary Committee

AYUSH Practitioners should not be called Doctors, but Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Hakim etc: Parliamentary Committee

New Delhi: While the much-debated National Medical Commission to replace the existing Medical Council of India was tabled in the parliament in the month of December 2017 and then sent to committee for review on the basis of objections raised by the medical community, another report was simultaneously tabled before the Lok Sabha which issued a number of recommendations on the Medical Education and Health Care in the Country

In the Month of December 2017, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, M.P. and Chairperson, Committee on Estimates (2017-18) presented to the Lok Sabha, the Twenty-third Report of the Committee on Estimates (Sixteenth Lok Sabha) on the Subject ‘Medical Education and Health Care in the Country’ pertaining to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Department of Health and Family Welfare).

Many recommendations were cited by the committee, with one important one being on the Differentiated nomenclature for AYUSH practitioners. The committee has stressed that it is absolutely necessary that AYUSH practitioners do not use the title of “doctor” which is synonymous with modern allopathic systems, but rather use the appropriate titles such as Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Hakim etc

Taking note of the fact that in general practice the practitioners of traditional systems of medicine under AYUSH use the title ‘Doctor’ instead of using traditional yet most appropriate titles prescribed for practice of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, the Committee have emphasized that it is absolutely necessary that practitioners of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, etc. use the appropriate titles of Vaidya, Vaidyaraj, Vaidya Kaviraj, Vaidya Shiromani, Ayurvedacharya, Piyushpani, Hakim instead of using title ‘doctor’ as the latter is synonymous with modern Allopathic medicine; and recommended coordination among the Ministries of Health and Family Welfare,  AYUSH, Medical Council of India and Central Council of Indian Medicine to work upon the idea of using differentiated nomenclature for practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine viz. Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, etc.

Estimates Committee is a Parliamentary Committee in India consisting of 30 members, elected every year by the lower chamber of the Parliament – Lok Sabha – from amongst its Members, to examine the budget estimates of the Union Government.

The Estimates committee  has powers to  examine the Budget Estimates and  (a) to report what economies, improvements in organisation, efficiency or administrative reform, consistent with the policy underlying the estimates, may be effected; (b) to suggest alternative policies in order to bring about efficiency and economy in administration; (c) to examine whether the money is well laid out within the limits of the policy implied in the estimates; and (d) to suggest the form in which the estimates shall be presented to Parliament.

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  1. I think they will told, ayush doctor don\’t wear Pant shirt… I will be look like a doctor… They should wear kaavi dress like our ancient practionar… Actually they are all idiotic illuminaties… We no need to shut our mouth… If we can we will tear their mouth…

  2. Useless flows, who has raised this issue now, go and see the pathetic condition in villages what medical facilities are provided by so called allopaths, not even 10kms from district places, first get prepared to give service to the needy people in needy places, their after start taking about all this nonsense ideas.

  3. Dr Shivraj Kumar,actor Dr yadiyurappa ,politician ,Dr…… so and so persons takes doctorate were called by the name doctor . When a person who stands in position to save the life of person should not be called as doctor means how much funny it seems.

  4. Ppl shd have right to know about doctor degree.. not only ayush doctors but even physiotherapist shd not be allowed to use Dr . Which creates confusion for layman ..

  5. Physiotherapist also doing 4 and half year course. MBBS doesn\’t have any knowledge about Physiotherapy. In that case how can they refer Physiotherapy treatment. You want to show only MBBS are doctors. All knows which is having side effects and who is looting money in name of modern treatment. Ayurveda Practitioner are best.

  6. I read all comments by honorable AYUSH fellows . Treating and caring for another human being one should have scientific basis , which ayush does not have . Propagating ayush is political decision not scientific decision. Honorable ayush fellows come out with one drug with scientific proof by modren scientific evaluation then only you talk other wise keep your mouth SHUT for the safety of the public .