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BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: Beware of FAKE Notification, MCI issues clarification

BDS to MBBS Bridge Course: Beware of FAKE Notification, MCI issues clarification

New Delhi: Disturbed by a fake, fraudulent document that has been doing rounds in the social media, implying that BDS to MBBS bridge course has been approved by MCI, the apex medical council has now issued a public notice informing that no such letter has been issued by the council.

The fake notification, probably intended as an April Fools day prank, implies that the bridge course for BDS to MBBS has been approved by the council. The notification bears the date of 01/04/2018 and contains the subject- Approval for the Bridge course request by DCI 2011. The  fake notification goes on to add

“As per the order by National Council of Health Sciences and honourable president of India, we the Medical Council of India like to inform this to The Dental Council of India and all state medical Universities that the petition for the bridge course for BDS students to join MBBS has been approved.As per this order the students who had complete there respective core undergraduate degree,i.e, BDS with complete 1 year of internship with DCI reg. are eligible.”

The fake letter goes on to add that more details regarding the matter. While the origin of the letter is not known, it soon went viral on social media and WhatsApp, giving the impression to lakhs of doctors and dentists that the bridge course has now been approved.

Disturbed by the circulation of the fake document, the Medical Council has now issued a DISCLAIMER on its official website informing about the fake, fabricated and forged document circulating on social media

It is brought to the notice of all concerned that fake, fabricated and forged document on Council letterhead dated 01.04.2018 with the subject – “Approval for the bridge course request by DCI 2011” is circulating on social media. The Council has not issued any such letter.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported in the year 2016, the Dental Council of India had put forward the proposal of a bridge course to the government. The Medical Council of India is pondering over the matter, but no decision has been taken by the council as yet.

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THE FAKE DOCUMENT looks as follows


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  1. MBBS docs..Many are against of this BRIDGE.Good..To those againsters,Now you are against of such bridge because we are poor dentists infront of you.but where were these voices gone when the govt accept those students from 12th standard who had very bad marks and entered mbbs through PRIVATE colleges and became so called MBBS docs?
    Wont they harm only we?And to those saying its 6 months course and asking what u ll learn in this period…please,its not 6 months if it comes also.
    Its 3 years course.yes..We deals with the teeth.but with blood too.

  2. you are right…i have seen many people who have passed 10+2 with very poor marks about 40% at all and getting private college and now he is like \”oh see me i am a mbbs student\”……
    i think bds student are far better than them…..and they deserve this bridge course more than them.

  3. why not introduce a bridge course from mbbs to BDS? Only BDS to MBBS will introduce unnecessary competition.

  4. BDS bridge course news has lost momentum as NMC bill has given a free hand to all the states to introduce bridge courses for AYUSH doctors to meet their requirement. Already a number of states have permitted AYUSH doctors to practice allopathy & many more states will follow soon.Hence a three years bridge course will not be much beneficial for dentists.Of course,BDS bridge course would have served for a greater cause .

  5. BDS bridge course it differ to other bridge can not compar

  6. Airhostress, nurse, clerk r helping them to do their superiors job well. Dentists do not assist any mbbs or md. They have their own practice. I hope these people go to either veterinary doctors or fellow doctors( mbbs)to pull out their teeth it seems.

  7. it is very bad that in our country anybody can become anybody. To achieve near goal we are going to sabotage entire education system and in due course our education become a garbage. what happen when air-hostess ask bridge course to become pilot, nurse ask bridge course to become doctor, low division clerk at court ask to become lawyer. Nothing to say more, people must understand the consequences of this trend… it is nothing but to play with innocent lives…

  8. very well said…

  9. IT is allowed in western countries Sir ..If a person has the capacity and the interest , a plumber can also go to college and study whatever he wants at whatever age he is in …That is not possible in India .that is the tragedy.
    people if they want to persue their field of interest and opportunities are provided they excel as u know which is not possible in India …

  10. Really mr.vishnu dentists do not need any bridge course to become mbbs…cause their value is more as a special then a simple graduate in medicine or the said \’mbbs\’😂

  11. BDS to MBBS is boon to Indian citizens please

  12. you fool.what you are thinking?BDS is so bad?Most of the BDS students are from general category and having high rank in entrance. Where as in MBBS very low ranked candidates even 3L Neet rank also getting thru. so u try to make professional admission purely thru MERIT……need not play with innocent lives.

  13. you are super fool to think that MBBS are low ranked than BDS..


  15. BDS to MBBS id the best one india need

  16. Doc they(mbbs) dont even know how many teeth in thier mouth and what v r dealing with.