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BJ Medical College: Resident Doctor tries to commit suicide on alleged discrimination

BJ Medical College: Resident Doctor tries to commit suicide on alleged discrimination

Ahmedabad: A post-graduate student of a medical college here today tried to end his life, police have informed. As per the police sources, the resident doctor took the extreme step since he felt that he was being discriminated at workplace due to his caste

Dr M Mariraj, who hails from Tamil Nadu, is a third year student of the Master of Surgery (MS) course at the government-run B J Medical College here. He took a bunch of sleeping tablets after having a verbal spat with seniors/colleagues in the operation theatre.Some reports said he was upset because he was not allowed to conduct surgeries by his teachers who discriminated against him as he is a Dalit.

“It is true that Mariraj is a Dalit. He tried to end his life by consuming sleeping pills at his hostel room. He is now out of danger. As he hasnt yet given a statement, it is not clear what prompted him to take such a step,” said inspector A K Patel of Shahibaug police station.

However, Civil Superintendent Dr M M Prabhakar of the civil hospital — to which the college is attached — refuted the reports.

“There is no truth to these rumours. There are various levels of surgeries, and Mariraj is still a student. It is up to teachers to decide whether a student can perform a particular surgery or not as a part of his course. No student can demand it (the right to conduct surgeries),” said Dr Prabhakar told PTI

“His Head of Department, Dr Gunvant Rathod himself is from a Scheduled Caste and after years in the medical field, the doctors won’t resort to such pettiness and I don’t think it is possible,” the Medical Superintendent told Mirror

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  1. Was a student in the same institution 20 years back was harassed inspite of working for 19 hours a day . Many students run away .You need lots of motivation and determination to complete the course. Things seem to remain the same decades down the line. Sad indeed

  2. I left my PG seat after 2months into it in BJ, due to discrimination. One more person along with me at that time also left.. So discrimination is not new in BJ.. The student\’s story might very well be true.

  3. user
    Anshuman Mittal January 7, 2018, 8:50 pm

    BJMC is a great institution where everything comes to you through hard work. I am a graduate and PG of BJMC and during my 10 years I have never seen an iota of discrimination on any grounds from the teachers. Sometimes the work pressure does get to you especially in the busier branches but than you got to be tough if you wish to wear the BJ tag.

  4. Caste discrimination unlikely, more likely not able to handle OT pressure especially in mumbai which is always overloaded

  5. user
    Dr. Gurudutt Joshi January 7, 2018, 5:45 pm

    It has become a fashion to put such allegations on fellows ,seniors and even teachers after the recent episode of suicide which took place in Govt. medical college surat , there also the fellows and senior on whom allegation was made where there was not a complete iota of truth . It depends upon person to person to bear the stress of residency and the type of speciality branch he/she has chosen as a career and your efficiency of working dedication etc. this proves the quality of work and expertise and intelligencia. Why one choses a branch inspite of knowing the fact that ,stress he is likely to bear is to remain for his whole life either you donot opt for or take some other branch putting false allegations proves his/her inefficiency naturally he will not be preferred . Fail and pass are the rules of life depending on your intelligencia ,skill and tacts one has . When inefficient people enter into professional fields for which they are not fit for ,naturally they will face downfalls and rampant criteria of impending reservations in education and service sectors has ruined the country every senior right from the dean to resident is shivering with the fear of atrocity act to be true and inefficient students are taking undue advantage of it days are not far when medical profession has reached to nadir already. Some of the pg students who were really capable and sincere has very cordial relations with their teachers also belonging to reserved category .