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Caught: Doctors lend name, Prescription pad to quacks for Monthly rent

Caught: Doctors lend name, Prescription pad to quacks for Monthly rent

CHENNAI:  Recent raids conducted by the officials of Directorate of Medical and Rural Health services, indeed left the officials shocked at the new form of racket running in the state. It was discovered that qualified medical practitioners were lending their ” Names” as well as “Prescription Pads” to quacks for monthly rents, who were then practicing by impersonating/in the name of those medical practitioners.

A recent report in TOI states that at least half a dozen doctors have been lending their name boards and prescription pads to quacks for a monthly fee of Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. Many raids were conducted by the health officials along with the police department.

One such raid was conducted on the complaint against one Dr Veeranan Kannan (registration number 58873) who was allegedly lending his name board and prescription to a quack named Vinodh Joy. When the officials however, caught the quack, he incited the local people to prevent arrest

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“We caught him red-handed prescribing medicines on Dr Kannan’s prescription pad. But several people from the neighbourhood surrounded us and prevented us from arresting him and seizing drugs from him. During inquiry, Joy said he paid the doctor Rs 25,000 every month. Dr Kannan, on the other hand, told us he visits the clinic once every week,” said joint director Dr Gurunathan, officer on special duty, who was part of the Theni raid told TOI.

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In another case, two ISM practitioners were found writing prescriptions on the letterhead of a prominent gynecologist in Chennai area. “The allopathic doctors are well known in the area. We are unable to reveal their names as the case is under investigation. We have information about at least three more doctors who have been helping quacks. We will be sending their names to the medical council for disciplinary action including suspension,” said a senior official.

Where is the action?

Tamil Nadu, a state known to the stricken by quacks, is unable to take action against such practices. Despite being caught in the act, quacks go Scot-free after paying a fine of Rs 1000 only. On the other hand, the state medical council, which has the powers to initiate disciplinary action against the medical practitioners for such activities remains dysfunctional for the past 9 months.



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  1. user
    Dr Najafi begum May 24, 2017, 1:43 pm

    If doctors are going to get attacked by patient attendants….what is the use of wasting our prime years of life studying Medicine…UG….PG and superspeciality….and wasting nearly 6+3+3=12 to 13 years of our prime youth in studying and doing night duties of emergencies …we can choose more easy subjects and lead a happier life….

  2. With 70% of doctors congregating in the urban areas, and facing competition also from successful quacks who are more affordable and accessible for much of the population, doctors are no longer able to generate the kind of returns they expect from their long, arduous and prohibitively expensive professional education. So they resort illicit practices unworthy of their profession. With medical colleges proliferating and becoming more expensive, we can expect to see many more devious practices becoming common.

  3. Both should be punished with the doctor losing registration number. Quack should be jailed. This is how doctors do harm to the society and the profession.

  4. user
    Dr Sanjay Gupta May 24, 2017, 9:58 am

    Disgusting. The chaps must be deregistered for at least five years.

  5. user
    Dharmendra Kumar May 24, 2017, 8:46 am

    In present regulating rules and scenario case of fake prescription may arise in court of law. Unscrupulous person may print the proscription pad of Doctors or may foul play to trouble some one. MCl can issue a barcoded pad to registered Medical practitioner through state registrar to overcome these problem.