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Centre planning to make doctors work in rural areas: MOS Health, Kulaste

Centre planning to make doctors work in rural areas: MOS Health, Kulaste

Indore: Union Health Minister Faggan Singh Kulaste said Centre is mulling to make it mandatory for doctors’ to work in rural areas for a stipulated time to overcome shortage and boost healthcare services there.

“We are thinking over making rules and regulation to ensure that the doctors work in rural areas for a stipulated time. We are not averse to doctors practicing in urban areas but want to do away with their shortage in rural areas,” Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Kulaste said at a function here.

He said that the Health Ministry was pondering over a proposal to give pre-eminence to medical graduates who had worked in rural areas in the pre-entrance test of PG courses.

Kulaste said to do away with the shortage of doctors, 10,000 seats in MBBS courses have been increased.

He said that according to a report of World Health Organisation (WHO), a special drive will be undertaken to eradicate tuberculosis in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Jharkhand.

Source: PTI
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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 9, 2017, 11:03 pm

    The students comming from Rural Quota should not refuse work they have 5% extra benefits along with reservation in Karnataka . similarly the students of Hyderabad Karnataka also have special Quota . When you getting so many advantages how can refuse to work for your own kin and Keith. If you refusing to work repay all expenses or get imprisoned. When you are getting so many advantages it\’s Inhuman act to refuse to Help. The Government SPENDS close a CRORE RUPEES for your Education. The poor patients submitted /allowed you examine their bodies . The dead has allowed you dissect ( cut) their bodies with the hope that you will help to bring do the PAIN and suffering and save life at times. If you still not ready to work , you are worse. A beast. About FATALITIES no big deal more than 60% of the individual of country still live in the village.( Majority of your patients are villages). Most of village can reached with in an hour and almost all states GOVERNMENTS are providing AMBULANCE services . LET make it clear no one asking you OPEN Heart surgery or emergency craniotomy. Traveling in Indian Metro\’s is more time taking and difficult. The Average speed of the Indian cities is only 15 to 20 minutes/ hour. So STOP telling cock and bull stories. And start working with out any questions/ excuses . No Government insisted you to pursue or take up medicine. JUST Imagine if our Army or police refuse to work In borders, villages , what can happen to us . Don\’t be cunning , or make fool of yourself or make MOCKERY of Medical Profession. Think wise other wise get ready to face the consequences. I am good Will bless me , and bad Will course……it doesn\’t matter , either way it\’s fine . Dr Ramesh Vardhan. The Government has to be honest and sincere in implementing the rules , there is meaning less to give paper statements. If the concerned MINISTER can\’t implement it let RESIGN go back. If there is any problem let HIM pass bill In the parliament . Other wise I presume he is giving only false assurances to Rural poor. Then voters will reject you and government for sure. Don\’t we enjoy Rural produce in our daily life. Starting from milk, fruits, vegetables, Food ITEMS. Including sugar, Tea, coffee, Tabocco and your pleasurerable Alcoholic beverages/ DRINKS. Mr MINISTER It your turn to ACT. ( Not acting or over reacting).. people are getting wiser day by day.Failing which they will teach you a lesson. It is weak up call to each and everyone one……. jago Bhaiya jago,….. Even Behangi Tum be jogo,

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 7, 2017, 1:07 am

    Before the decision is taken I think He will be out, the Minister and secretaries keep on changing quite often. The New one\’s Will come out with some other funny and Fancy ideas .And most of their plans will remain on the Papers. These papers start collecting dust in the Dirty cupboards. The end results back to square. Delay is Deny. ACTIONS Speak louder than words……….

  3. Yes,A good move on paper.Difficult to put it into effect. Govt can bring in any rule to force Doctors into Rural Service.Doctors will have no objections to serve the rural population either.But the duty of the Govt end with making Doctors to go into Rural Service. IT IS ALSO THE DUTY OF THE GOVT TO PROVIDE THEM WITH AT LEAST THE BASIC AMENITIES TO LIVE THERE.WHY DONT THE GOVT MAKE THE SALARY MORE ATTRACTIVE,PROVIDE THEM WITH BETTER HOUSING FACILITY,PROVIDE OTHER AMENITIES LIKE WATER,ELECTRICITY etc.LET THE GOVT WEAVE THE MAJIC WAND AND THEN SEE THE EFFECT !!

  4. urban areas are lacking proper health cares ,without any proper facilities in rural sector its just a disaster to make rural posting compulsory ,instead give more financial benefits,surgical facilities, good ots &good phc ,chc buildings,proper manpower only then rural health will improve .its just a political step to earn rural votes just to send doctors to rural sector without any facility.

  5. user
    Dr k Jayarama shenoy January 29, 2017, 8:17 am

    We must change MBBS curriculum by scrapping internship and including the one year in clinical training including a rural stint. Students must be involved in patient care in the last five semesters under supervision ( like dental students and American students).
    Exit wxam should be at end if 5 and half years.
    This will ensure rural participation of final year students under a staff professor who shouldbe adequately remunerated. Clinical exams should be periodic point based Evaluation.
    Students will stoo wasting time on exam preparation.