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CGHS Doctor to face action for allegedly shouting at patient

CGHS Doctor to face action for allegedly shouting at patient

Chandigarh: A Doctor associated with the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) wellness centre is likely to face action from the authorities after a complaint was filed against him for shouting and mistreating with his patients. A 69-year old patient accused doctor Singla for shouting at him angrily inside the consultation room.

The complaint was filed by a patient, a retired class one officer from Himachal Pradesh who went to the wellness centre to get the treatment after which he alleged doctor for the stated action.

“I have age-related ailments and can’t walk properly, but the doctor mocked me and screamed at my wife saying that as I take more time to walk and speak slowly, I should not be not visiting him as it wastes his time (sic),” the patient told HT.

The patient went to the hospital administration to complain about the incident.  The patient alleged that the health centre responded late and also asked for the  ‘compromise’ with the doctor.

“She asked my father to take back the complaint and hinted that a compromise be struck. Though she said that doctors were under a lot of work pressure, my father refused to do her bidding and said no matter how stressed a doctor was he could not insult a patient,” patient’s son told HT.

Talking about the complaint received, Dr Ashwani Kumar, additional director, CHGS confirmed that the complaint had been received and inquiry against the doctor will be initiated soon.

“We have received three to four written complaints against him. In previous cases, patients compromised but in this (Sood’s) case we have marked an inquiry.” Dr Kumar informed HT.

The concerned doctor Dr Singla blamed work pressure and patient load adding that it’s not possible to satisfy all patients.

“We are always there to help the patients. There is a lot of patient load and at times patients are agitated. We have to follow government rules and when we ask them to follow some rules like coming next for collecting medicines they get agitated. One person cannot satisfy all.” he told the daily

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  1. The said doctor is really a stupid person. He has insulted me and my wife too. An e mail in this regard was also sent to AD, CGHS, Dr. Ashwini. I got the stereotype reply, the doctor has been told or so. In my presence, he had insulted every one patient out of 3 or4. I too was surprised to see if is it a Welness Centre or Insult-Centre? Now, I m observing that others doctors too hv started going this way as take the example of Dr. Sonia who thought to be a good doctor. Today on 24th April, 2019, my appointment was for 10.00 Clock AM,but, she was talking on phone outside killing the time till 11.00. At 11.00 She sat again on seat and started her work. Her system can be monitored till 11.00 she had seen only 7 patients whereas others have 53 and 44. I honestly think there could be workload, but, it is on every job,every dept, every Ministry. If the doctors does not want to continue their job they can leave it and say Goodbye happily. But, harassing, insulting the patients who are present or retired governmet employee is not good at taste.

  2. Rajneesh singhal ( the most 3rd rate person on the Earth) ..I don\’t prefer to prefix doctor to his name as he is a blot on humanity. He harassed my mother by saying insulting things without a reason. I\’m sure his mother was equally mannerless and cheap as him who did not teach him how to talk to women. He is a written piece of shit.

  3. user
    Dr Vandita bansal October 30, 2018, 6:29 pm

    It\’s true that CGHS Chandigarh is too much overworked ,when can you empathize with patient ? Expressing support or few kind words of encouragement usually robs other patients of their chance to even see the doctor

  4. You seems to be the close relative of doctor Rajnesh Bansal at question?🤗🤗🤗

  5. True there\’s so much stress n it\’s difficult to satisfy every pts needs they dnt want to abide by rules set by government n when asked they fight, blame for torturing elderly citizens. A doctor no matter what according to citizens of this country should say against wrong being done to him or her because he or she is a doctor. They r best treated by quacks who earn respect plus money from. Such idiot fools. I didn\’t meant to insult anybody but people should understand n control their temperament.

  6. Try to accept the reality. The doctor in question is himself is not having a good state of mental health. Instead of hiding this ask him to see a phychetriast(a doctor is a human being. His brain is also made of usual tissues like me and you. Misconception of this fact about oneself that \’All is Well\’ is an illusion. Psychetriasts are their to such doctors Stress Management)

  7. STATS OF CGHS DISPENSARY IN CHANDIGARH( from official site dated 26-10-18)
    Top 5 Doctors Saw Patients Today
    SUMAN – 101

  8. Sir, why are you covering-up the shit? What these statistics show? The said doctor does not insult the patients? Please develop a mechanism and ask all the patients/beneficiary how the behaviour of this doctor is towards the patients?