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Chandigarh: 1 lakh award for information about sex determination

Chandigarh: 1 lakh award for information about sex determination

After Delhi, Chandigarh is all set to award Rs 1 lakh for information about sex determination. But the question is – will this work?

The local administration in Chandigarh has announced a cash award to bring forward the culprits in the medical community who conduct the pre-birth gender test. The basic objective behind the initiative is to have a more favorable sex ration in the Panchkula district, with a target of 950 girls for every 1,000 boys set by the authroties.

The 1 lakh cash award is open to anyone who informs the administration of any clinic which conducts this illegal test. This announcement was made a recent meeting conducted by deputy commissioner Mandip Singh Brar with the hospital authorities in mini-secretariat, Sector 1,

On the implementation front, the DC is implied to have said that a drop box should be installed in all the dispensaries where citizens can give the required information. The message will be further investigated by the authorities, and if the information is found to be correct, an appropriate action will be taken against the accused immediately under the Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PNDT Act).

The identity of the person, who informs the administration, would be hidden.

As reported by TOI, Brar said, “Our main aim is to increase woman sex ration in the district and strict action would be taken against those who performs abortion and provides pre-birth gender information. Name of the informer would not be disclosed and that person will be awarded with Rs 1 lakh cash.”

Additional deputy commissioner Hema Sharma, assistant commissioner of police Munish Sehgal, Panchkula, sub-divisional magistrate Mamta Sharma and civil surgeon Dr V K Bansal were present in the meeting.

According to the 2011 census report, Panchkula district has the sixth worst sex ratio in the state at 870 (number of females per 1,000 males). In 2001, the sex ratio was 823.

The child sex ratio (0-6 years) is 850, as per census 2011. In 2001, the child sex ratio was 823.

This is not the first time, a state government has annouced Rs 1 Lakh award for sex determination. Earlier, in the month of October 2015, Delhi Government had also announced a similar award, for those indulging in sex determination activities.

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Medical Dialogues Team asked Dr Thakkar, President IRIA about the efficacy of such moves in general. He said, ” While we welcome such initiatives taken up by the government, but we are doubtful about the efficacies of such moves. This is not the first time that a state government is proposing such awards. But unfortunately, no outcome has come out of such initiatives. Infact, they have become counter-indicative, leading to further rise in corruption. The state authorities have no control over local authorities, who indulge in rampant corruption. People and NGO raise false alarms just to get the money. Moreover, Honest doctors get harassed and often blackmailed in the name of PC-PNDT act and no benefit is achieved in declining sex-ratio as the corrupt doctors find a way to boycott the system. ”

Radiologists throughout the country have been demanding amendments to the PC-PNDT Act and approaching the problem of declining sex ratio as a social evil, not just a medical crime.




Source: with inputs from TOI
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