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Chemist cannot Honour Allopathic prescriptions of AYUSH practitioners: DMA

Chemist cannot Honour Allopathic prescriptions of AYUSH practitioners: DMA

New Delhi: Taking a strong stance against quackery and the practice of crosspathy in the capital, Delhi Medical Association has written to the Delhi Health ministry, asking him to direct all allopathic chemists, not to honour allopathy precriptions by practitioners of Indian System of Medicine. This comes in the light of recent high court judgement which clearly barred ISM practitioners from practicing allopathy in the state. ISM Practitioners include all those who practice alternate/Indian system of medicine including BUMS, BAMS, BIMS, BHMS practitioners.

“We have written to the  Secretary Health, asking him to put a stop to the menace of quackery and crosspathy. Despite the high court judgement, these people still continue to practice allopathy in Delhi. Moreover, chemist also dispense medicine based on their prescriptions, which promotes such activities. We have asked the ministry to intervene and stop the chemist from honoring such prescriptions, which will put an end to such practice at the ground level,” said Dr Ashwani Goyal, General Secretary, Delhi Medical Association.

The Association as asked for government intervention in activities to stop the practice of quakery and crosspathy through the following:-

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  1. To call a meeting of concerned DHS Officials, CDMOs and officials from police  department & Joint commissioner  immediately to percolate the information and to take action accordingly.
  2. Direct the Drug Controller to send instructions to chemists not to dispense allopathy medicine on the prescription of doctors of other pathies.
  3. To start and sustain media campaign in all electronic, print, social and other publicity instruments consisting of:—
  • Warning of dire legal consequences  to all the quacks and crosspathy medical practitioners in Delhi.
  • Warning and cautions to society at large of potential health hazards at hands of quacks and crosspaths i.e. unqualified and inappropriately qualified health care practitioners.
  • Warnings to all the chemists and druggists of legal actions against indulging in quackery by either selling non OTC drugs without  genuine medical  prescription or honouring illegal prescriptions by quacks.
  • Warning to all property owners of property seal and prosecution if it is rented out and used for such illegal activity.

4 .   To instruct, urge  and pursue  the central council for Indian medicine (CCIM), delhi bhartiya chikitsa parishad (DBCP) etc. to strictly direct their members to practice their own pathies and refrain from crosspathy. Further, to ensure penal action for non compliance.

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  1. To continuously conduct the raids and lodge FIR’s against  all the quacks and ensure that DHS, CCIM, DBCP or DMC be party as complainant through an appropriate authority. The state is also supposed to provide adequate police force to conduct these raids and legal support to sustain the cases in court of law.
  2. To enact strong legislation making quackery and crosspathy a cognizable and non bailable offence with adequate penal provisions.

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  1. user
    AshokKumar Kaushik July 16, 2016, 6:49 am

    Chemist should give medicine for the prescribed period only by the registered doctor and he should mention the registration number of Delhi Medical Council of the doctor on the bill

  2. user
    Dr.Satendra Goyal, Dehradun July 14, 2016, 11:38 pm

    My dear friends allopathic drugs are upgradations of Ayurvedic drugs as in Ayurveda lots of inorganic drugs like metals, calcium, Ratans drugs, poisonous drugs like mercury, sulphur, lead,arsenic etc etc are being used since Ancient time in such formulations gives relief without any side effects. So my dear friends inspite of making wall between two pathies rather sit together and with the help of eachother research good integrated medicines without sideffects in the interest of humanity.We are intellectual, creamy persons of our country. Always remember INDIA has won many wars but when our three forces i.e. field army,navy and airforce coordinated eachother, covered weaknesses of eachother same way Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic are our three forces, sit together and research good integrated medicines in the interest of humanity and become global leader otherwise the day is not far when we will beg with big amount good integrated medicines from countries like China etc. and will repent for our foolishness.

  3. What a foolish comparison . Money spent on ayush can be spent on nutrition portable water sanitation immunization of our children . Ayush is ash

  4. user
    CHANDRA SHEKHAR July 14, 2016, 10:30 pm

    AYUSH practitioners are trained for their field how come they get degree in their field and practice Allopathic. Such practice have to be stopped. This is for Govt and their agencies to check for this malpractice.

  5. user
    DR SUNIL WADHWA July 13, 2016, 6:39 pm

    In a country where every medicine is available over the counter & chemists themselves suggest every treatment of common infections to patients. They give their \”expert comments\” on the prescriptions of doctors,do you expect them not honouring prescriptions of Ayush doctors. If it increases their sale,they will not hesitate to dispense medicines.
    And I am talking about Delhi. Forget about rest of India.
    Dr Sunil Wadhwa

  6. Every city small town is ,. Like this ,,, Chemists druggist actually treat nd dispense,,,pts also love this,,,,,

  7. user
    Dr surinder Paul Jindal July 13, 2016, 11:36 am

    Chemists are dispensing medicines to customers on prescription slip issued 25 yrs back by doctors

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