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City hospital in Coimbatore performs rare skull surgery

City hospital in Coimbatore performs rare skull surgery

A local Coimbatore hospital has recently performed a rare skull surgery on a 15-month old girl. As a part of this surgery, a team of doctors work together successfully to repair the skull bones of the baby, which were not fully fused together before going into the operation.

A team of neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons from the mentioned city hospital- Medwin is reported to have conducted this rare surgery, which included performing a craniofacial advancement surgery on the baby. The patient is now reported to be recovering post the operation.

This unique medical condition was brought to the notice of the medical authorities after the parents noticed an unusual deformity in the skull of the baby, and also noticed her eyes protruding when she was just one year old. This condition is medically termed as craniosynostosis. To add to the woes of the patients, hospitals had advised the parents on the possibility of a surgery only when the girl turned one.

As reported by the Times of India, “The child is recovering well,” said Dr S Venkatachalam, anesthesiologist of Medwin Hospital. Doctors said the incidence of craniosynostosis was one in 2,500 live births. The only solution was surgery and the ideal age for the same was between one and one-and-a-half years, according to the extent of deformity, he said.If delayed, it might lead to various problems like eye disorders, growth retardation and decreased mental functions, the doctor added.

Source: with inputs from Times of India
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