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Ordinance: 7 Member panel to RUN Medical Council Of India till NMC; MCI Members told to Vacate

The Board of Governors who would run MCI include Niti Aayog member Dr VK Paul, AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria and Nikhil Tandon

 New Delhi: A 7-member Board of Governors is now going to run Medical Council of India till the Parliament passes the National Medical Commission Bill.

President Ram Nath Kovind Wednesday signed an ordinance to set up the committee to run the Medical Council of India till a bill which seeks to replace the body with a new commission is passed by Parliament, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.

A bill to replace MCI with National Medical Commission is pending in Parliament.

He said since the term of the elected body of the MCI is ending shortly, a need was felt to run it by a committee of eminent persons to run it’s affairs. He said professionals of great eminence will be part of the committee.

As per the Ordinance, with is called Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018 which comes into force from 26th September, 2018-

the Medical Council of India shall stand Superseded and the President, Vice President and other members of the council shall vacate their offices and shall have no claim for any compensation, whatsoever ;

And Whereas upon the Supersession of the Council and until a new council is reconstituted, a board of governors is required to be constituted by the Central Government to exercise the powers and perform the functions of the council under the said act

Following will be the members of the Board of Governors

  1. Dr. V.K. Paul, Professor & Head, Paediatrics, AIIMS, New Delhi – Chairman
  2. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS, New Delhi- Member
  3. Dr. Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh- Member
  4. Dr. BN Gangadharan, Director, NIMHANS, Bengaluru- Member
  5. Dr. Nikhil Tandon, Professor & Head, Endocrinology, AIIMS, New Delhi.- Member
  6. Dr S. Venkatesh, Director General of Health Services, MOHFW- Member Ex-officio
  7. Prof Balram Bhargava, Secretary, Department of Health Research and DG ICMY- Member Ex officio

Besides above members under the Centre has also appointed Dr Sanjay Srivastava, Ex- Deputy Director General, DGHS, MOHFW as the Secretary General to assist the Board of Governors


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  1. There is no guaranty that a graduate passed out of a well established college equipped with full fledged hospital will turn out to be a competent doctor. I have seen many such so called doctors and some live in my own society too and they are simply good for nothing fellows. They are just money suckers and are there in this profession for that very purpose only because they spend all there time of their internship to prepare for post graduate examinations. Doesn\’t matter they are passed out of a government or private colleges coming from a rich or poor family, they try to loot people by prescribing medicines and tests not required at all. Even if they know that the disease is not curable, they maintain sweet talks with their patients and raise their hands after fully squeezing them. God saves from these next to God people. The right thing to do is to open many medical colleges allowing many students to pass out of them and making exit exam compulsory to make sure only quality people enter this field

  2. MCI has been dissolved for the second time during the last 10 years by the central government and this time the board of governors nominated are from reputed central government medical institutes. The main allegations against MCI has been failure to take action against irregularities committed by those medical colleges which include falsification and fabrication of patient data, appointment and promotion of private medical medical practitioners by issuing fake service/promotion certificates only for recognition of the degree,running speciality/superspeciality courses with guest faculty etc. Till now, the punishments for these irregularities are negligible. MCI is only recommending authority and the power to act on MCI recommendation wrests with central health ministry. Unless central government comes out with strong measures against fraud committed by the doctors or college managements, nobody is ready to believe that the new MCI team will be able to function effectively to improve the standard of medical education in India. An incompetent doctor holding a recognised degree is more dangerous to the society than a quack. There is no need to have many medical colleges with poor standard of medical education. We are now seeing the plight of those graduated from engineering colleges in our state. Our hospital receptionist was a B.Tech graduate from a nearby private engineering college.

  3. A very good and much needed move by the government. Our country is facing with an acute shortage of medical professionals and a rapid expansion of medical education is much needed which was not going to happen under MCI.

  4. As long as political interference in every bedroom and kitchen prevail, no institution in the country can ever run efficiently. Politicians must end their feifdom in India if the progress is expected and the scientists must be fully respected above the whims of politicians.

  5. Great move!!!!!. Problem with mci was politics and money. States used to send those doctors to mci who pampered bureaucrat and netas. The unscrupulous doctor in mci took bribe from private colleges to maintain recognition. It\’s shocking that not even one doctor in mci was from AIIMS, PGi, NIMHANS.
    In present BoG, all these 7 doctors are highly reputed and revered doctors in their field from 3 best institutions.